Monday, April 27, 2009

ToTaLLy TabOo Part - 5


"Dude. I think my wife's having an affair.", mumbled Rajat.

"Why the fuck do you guys marry women if you can't be bothered to keep them happy?", yelled Nimish in the gym.

"What do you mean you guys, who else do you know who has...?", Rajat couldn't finish the sentence.

"It doesn't matter, the point is...if shes crying because of you, then you don't deserve to have her because you're not taking care of her. If she is so unhappy she is cheating on you, then it usually means you've stopped treating her the way she deserves to be treated and she is with someone else because that someone else is being nicer to her than you are.", explained Nimish now losing patience.

"What can I do now?", Rajat was nearly begging now.

"DUH. Win her back. You've done it before. Do it again. You can't stop treating her like shes special just because you're now married! Is that why you married her? So you don't have to keep up the courtship? So you've 'captured' the chick? I'm guessing there was a time she was the most important person in the world to you. God's special gift, sent to make life worth living. Isn't she anymore? Has being your 'wife' somehow made her less important? Less special somehow because she agreed to marry an ass like you? You know what, you're right, she deserves better... most Indian wives do, for that matter. ", Nimish was growing more passionate in his speech delivery by the minute.
He felt like slapping Rajat. Another asshole. Who'd rather spend time at the fucking gym than in bed with his wife. And then they complain about unfaithfulness.

"Besides, marriage is not all about providing material things for each other. Her cooking and washing your clothes or you fixing the washing machine when its acting up. ", continued Nimish.

"Oh and you know all about marriage do you? Never having been in one gives you a LOT of experience. Just like those people who have no kids but know best how to raise them...", retaliated Rajat, a bit bruised.

"No. There's a reason I don't want to get married. It's people like you. Who change so dramatically post marriage their own wives don't want to be with them any longer. Why should I drive some woman to despair? Once you get married, you take each other totally for granted. You stop holding hands or hugging or walking with your arms around each other's waists because of what society may say. You think of every tom dick and harry's flow of thought but you never once stop to think...that these little touches may mean the world to her. It's other people's cheap mindset that you care about. I've seen this happen so often....its pathetic. Grow a pair for God's sake. ", elucidated Nimish.

Rajat felt like someone had slapped him. Nimish's words struck a blow, and he felt like the air was sucked out of his very lungs. Nim may as well have been talking about him. But he couldn't help being shy. And he knew the cheap mindset of people. They'd call his wife a cheap slut! Especially these oldies. There was no way he could bear that. His girlfriend turned wife...deserved respect. One of the reasons Rajat never spoke about P to anyone of his own accord...for one thing it felt like showing off...for another...not everyone treated women with respect. ' Oh lucky dude...its been awhile since I got laid myself.' was an example for instance. He'd been serious about P from day one. Marriage serious. Not all guys were that way...they usually looked out to pass their time till their mummy chose a girl for them. At least he had had the balls to marry his girlfriend no matter what his family said. He loved her, that was all the mattered.

"Woo her dude. Its not so hard...girls...they're pretty predictable...just talk to her, show her you her best friend again. That's how it started out didn't it? Figure out where you went wrong. Take her out for dates, make love, oh yeah...don't forget flowers...give her a break from housework. Get her thoughful presents.", Nimish advised trying to be helpful.

"I haven't the time to woo a girl! I work ten hours a day!", Rajat complained.

" No one's got time. You have to make time for the one's you love. Don't you WANT to make time for her? Or you can just sit and watch her leave you. physically or emotionally. Speaking of which...when was the last time you made love? I mean really made love. Not wham bam Thank you Ma'am. Or took her out for a movie? Or dinner? you just let life get to you. You'd rather sit and sweat in the gym when you could be burning 300 odd calories in an hour in bed with your wife? Are you demented? Or just ignorant?", continued Nim.

"Food for thought. It's not that I don't want to make love. We used to be very passionate...I just don't know when...why...we drifted apart. We're always tired. And now...I don't dare. I don't want...I haven't looked into her eyes, directly, for a great many months. I'm scared.", mused Rajat loudly.

"Scared...or guilty? You don't want to see anger, or accusation or...indifference. But you have to look into her eyes...bearing love. The more love you give someone, unconditionally, the more love you recieve inevitably. One of the reasons I'm guessing people get married is because there will be that one person, at the very least, in this big, bad. often unfair and unkind world... who is there for us, who will protect us and not just physically, at any given time from the hard knocks life has to offer. You have to be there to make sure she's well supported. No matter how angry or upset you may be yourself...isn't that how the one's we love are different from the other general population?"

"Hmm...But what if she cries ALL the Live Long Day!!??", grumbled Rajat. "Then you talk to her. Find out why, find out what's bothering her. Take her to a psychiatrist...get some counselling. Depression is not a small thing, nor is it untreatable. But medications alone will not help. She'll need a lot of TLC. That part is upto you. ", Nimish gently counselled.

Depression was an up and coming illness, unfortunately it was quite taboo as it required going to a psychiatrist. But the treatments these days were good. He knew because after his father's death, his mother suffered from severe depression. Today she was hale and hearty...and as happy as it was possible to be, without one's heart, that is.

"TLC?", queried Rajat...feeling supremely ignorant.
"Tender, Loving Care.", elaborated Nimish.

"But what about the other guy?", Rajat asked, plucking up the courage.

"What about him? What's he done? Treated your wife better than you have? Is that so bad?", asked wary. And slightly guilty.

"If I knew who he was, I'd kill him. He stole my wife from me!!! And you're defending him?", asked Rajat, temper flaring.

"No. I'm not. But if he reached out to a woman in intense pain, if he is alleviating her grief, if he is making her realise she was indeed special, if he could bring a smile to her face and a twinkle in her eyes, if he is the reason for the spring in her step, the one who never lets a teardrop fall from her eyes, if he's the one doing all the little yet the most important things one human being can do for another...all the things YOU should never have stopped doing, can you hate him? If you truly love your wife, can you hate the one person who is a ray of sunshine in her otherwise bleak world?", Nimish justified, a bit guilty.

He felt sorry for Rajat...but knowing him, he could imagine how both he and his wife must be feeling. He wished Rajat well and hoped he would take heed now, sooner rather than later.


TLC it would be
...Rajat promised himself.

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Little Girl Lost said...

Delicious twist :) rajat and nimish are friends but don't know about the other connection in their life.
i have no way of predicting where this is going...
coffee- your words are vringing these people to life. i can see their charecters in front of my eyes...
great going girl...

Sumit said...

was kind of expecting this conversation ever since I read Nimish's account :)

coffeeismypoison said...

Awww only 2 comments this time!

@LGL : Really? Don't u see where this is going? read the next paart...then tell me...

@Sumit : who do u like better now?

Sumit said...

I don't think I would like any of the characters. Somehow, they all have been stupid and thus must go through the pains that life has to offer them. However, I suppose Rajat is lucky, the other guy is Nimish, coz otherwise Nimish would never have been as imsightful as he was with his advice (I could be wrong here, coz Nimish was a habitual flirt anyway). It's a complete cycle of events. Consenting stupid adults!! And I kid you not, if I tell you that there are folks like them out there...

coffeeismypoison said...

@ Sumit: GASSSSPPP!! ok Nimish was an apparent habitual flirt...but v.capable of love and sensitivity!!
they're not fools! They're just normal, confused human beings...c'mon thoda leeway do! one way or another we all go throught the pains life has to offer...I don't see sense in EMA myself...but...i still wrote THIS! I'd never have imagined it of myself.

Zeba Talkhani said...

Oppps. I am still here..

*lopsided smile

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@ Zeba : perversely glad to see u!!

Pretty Me!! said...

m back to finish the series :)