Sunday, April 05, 2009

MuTuAL DissAtiSfAcTiOn.

The BF and I went on a date yesterday! YaY! Since we were both tired, we went for lunch after booking our movie tickets [ The BF recieved complimentary couple tickets from work for excellent performance! Kudos Sweety!]. We went to Nirula's for pizza since he's constantly raving about them. While the BF went to freshen up in the wash room I observed the couple in front of our table.

From the conversation [they were LOUD!] it was clear that they weren't a long time couple. They were here at their parent's behest, to "meet" to decide if they wanted to marry each other.

They weren't in the least bit interested in meet or marrying each other. The girl wasn't anyway. She sat leaning way back in the chair, arms folded across her chest, dressed like a slob. Foot jiggling, hands constantly fiddling with her earrings, mumbling hmmm, the guy earnestly tried to explain How many people his family business was actually divided among.

"My uncle, thats my Chachaji and Tauji and my father. Actually he was a friend of my cousin [from my chacha's side] and thats how...Blah blah gobbledegook and then some more."
No wonder she wasn't interested.

"My Ex-Girlfriend, she had that...". Thats right...give her visions of you and your ex. That'll make her want to be your current.

"I don't know anything about Nirula's...Its my first time here." L-I-A-R! If you're a delhite, you've been there. Even if you are a rich is obvious with your fat gold rings, ralph lauren polo shirt with the first few buttons left undone to display your testosterone bearing chest hair, your clanking gold [24carat] chains and your Tommy Hilfiger watch.

All this while the girl is constantly checking her watch. Bad manners yes, but what else is one to do when time passes so painfully slowly?

And the high point was when they both looked like the couple in the above picture.

Meeting a fella to decide if you want to marry him is pretty painful. No doubt. I'm sure its no less agonizing for guys too. That would explain the nervous babbling...the unforgivable questions put to the girl [How much is your salary?] or the careful, tactless judging the housekeeping potential of the future wife [What can you cook best?] or the job situation [Will you be wanting to work after marriage also?] or the living location [you will be going to my village in east Bihar for 6 months after that I'll be picking you up. My parents are there only na. We will all live together in my house here.].

Whew. Am I ever glad I don' t have to go through that!

5 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

ruSh.Me said...

LOL....Same here...Got saved by a slight margin!!

But I guess, it has its own charm and, apprehensions, nervousness and excitement... If you are NOT seeing anyone, meeting a prospective groom could be turned into a fun experience..!!

coffeeismypoison said... : Ha!Try telling that to those who actually go through that process! All the judging and knowing that someones observing every little thing about you...aHHHHH!! S-C-A-R-Y!

Crafty Shines said...

eeeeps!!!! that sounds bad :(
i've been witness to one such rendevous at a pizza place...the guy rambled on like she was there to write his biography...truly boring!
yeah, good thing u escaped the ordeal!!!! :)

coffeeismypoison said...

@ crafty shines : Pls write abt ur experience too...shud b fun reading!

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