Friday, April 16, 2010

Can it Ever Be too Late?

What do people mean when they say... hurry up before it's too late?

Too late for what?

And I don't mean a movie or dinner date.

Haven't you ever wondered, can it ever be too late?

"She's ageing, she should get married fast before it's too late!"

But isn't it better for her to get set, get ready, get prepared in whichever way she feels needed and then marry as opposed to just jump into a marriage with no clue whatsoever?!


"She doesn't realise the guy she is going after is a big mistake...she's not listening to anyone, soon she will marry him and it will be too late!"

Too late to realise she made a big mistake? Or too late because sometimes marriages end in divorce and that is the real problem, according to society anyway?

Isn't it better that there is an option for divorce as opposed to a life filled with regrets and misery?


"He let that government job opportunity go by. Now its too late to do anything...He's too fussy that's what."

Well...what's wrong in hopoing for the best, in desiring to do the best instead of just settling for whats easy? Following one's heart's desire is never easy...but its better than a lifetime of wondering what if...?

Who decides when its too late to learn a lesson?

In fact, Who the hell decided it's EVER too late to do what you want, be what you want, realise your dreams and live the life you desire for yourself?

I'd sure like to meet that person. Ask them a few questions of my own. Like who is anyone, to tell someone, that they better do things a certain way or else just expect the worst, because woe and behold, all hope is lost to them.

Just so you know, it isn't!

SO for anyone out there who feels it is, please know, its never the wrong time to do the right thing. and maybe somethings have to play out in a certain way, because it's destiny...but everything is fine, or will be soon. A lot of it, is in your hands.