Thursday, September 18, 2008

The road to good hair, that stays on!

...good skin, that glows, Shiny fingernails, sparkling eyes and blah!

So the past few months, yes months, have consisted of my butt perpetually parked on a seat, comfort food of all possible kinds. It seems I;d forgotten what effect this kind of nonsense had on my body. Well as a certain best pal's Happy b'day rounds the corner, I was jolted to reality by a quick look in the mirror.
I did not look, well like the girl in the photograph below and right. I had about half a head of hair, dull brown skin, [unpolished] , bitten down fingernails, a swollen body, needless body hair and well...YUK.

So I sat and wondered [ya, i'm stupid, it didn't strike me immediately!] about what I could do, to make me better...

get out of the house, for one thing. So I am! Everyday it doesn't rain.
eat more proteins.
Eat EGGS. [boiled obviously]
Eat vegetables too!
and fruits.
comb hair at least twice daily... Even if not going to leave the house or not expecting visitors.
No more Junk food...for a while, not even once a week!
No kidding!!! Not even in secret. The secret gets revealed by the traitorous body.

smile a lot, no crying.
Be your own self esteem booster. [of course additional input from others will help obviously.]
Start writing again.
Be happy...nothing can bring a better glow to your face.
Don't get nervous, anxious, tense, so you wont bite your nails.
Report daily.