Saturday, March 29, 2008

science Vs the Unproveables?

so...someone twice my age scoffed on learning that I,though a well educated Doctor,still believe in the stuff science cannot prove...or has not,not yet,Pundits,Miracles...

i always thought the point of education was to always keep an open mind about that which you know nothing about.broaden your horizons...after all,one can't know everything about everything.

i know people who butt into conversations they have no place in to give their inexpert opinions instead of listening and learning about that which they have no clue about!in an effort to appear all knowing they end up looking extremely know,its much much smarter to admit that you know nothing about politics/medicine/doctors/fashion/Hindi movies and blah get my drift...

when you assume that something simply cannot lose out on something that may in fact be true!by closing your mind to the possibility of something as amazing as a never really get to see one...

yes,i am a doctor...and i also believe in keeping an open mind...even about so called pundits.i mean,i know i cannot simply predict the exact nature or current situation of a person simply by knowing their date of birth...but I've seen people who can!and get this : most doctors are v.religious,simply because they know its not in their hands...nothing really is.
whether or not I've learnt a lot of medicine,i can't say myself,but i have learnt this : science doesn't know pretends to!and prayers and smiles and love can heal far far better than any medication invented so far!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

scaredy cat!

"scaredy cat, kill a rat
tell your momma
to make you fat!"

silly little rhyme we used to sing as kids.sometimes still do...

since I've been living alone in new Delhi,people have taken to asking me..."aren't you scared?"...

they never do mention what it is exactly that I'm expected to be scared of...i don't think they know either.but...heres what u think...
I'm supposed to lose sleep over the following :

being alone
getting my own food
cleaning my own house
my shadow
more robbers.

speaking of robbers,may i just mention the items in my house worth stealing...correction laptop...which they would think is a big deal but it actually isn't even being manufactured anymore.its an obsolete model, something only my father could get his hands on and give me cos I'm incapable to keeping expensive things carefully!huh!it doesn't even work without a power least if they stole it I'd get a new one...newer one that is.heheheheheheHA!
i don't even carry money!i have my ATM for lie abt the PIN if cornered anyway.

the list yea...

perhaps murderers
patients coming over to ask for free advice.
my dogs barks n howls n lust filled whines [shes in heat]
the dhobi
the watchman
the robbers
the cleaning lady
the news paper fella

mostly i think I'm supposed to be scared of just being alone...of he idea...of it.
my parents were worried but hell i can do
this, i told them.n so i am.
it just gets really bad when im sick...then i feel the long ugly arm of loneliness reaching out n pulling my ears...but other than that...I'm dog doesn't let anyone near me...including my own boyfriend...which really pisses him off.but it just shows how good she is as a guard.n she bites the watchman,newspaper man,delivery boy,cleaning lady...and anyone whom i don't talk to really.its really cos of her i feel safe.of course i find it hard to sleep nights but its mostly cos of my inactivity...yeah not much to do around here and reading doesn't exactly tire out the muscles u know.

no,I'm not scared!

Friday, March 21, 2008

sick sick sicckkk!

theres something yukky abt being sick with a stomach virus...u know...when u cant hold ur own head up cos things may come flying right out of it...yeah...

worse is if ur sick and alone...its tolerable if theres someone who will get u water to wet ur dry cracked and parched lips...or just rub a hand over ur aching belly.or give u ur medication on time so u do recover eventually.

yea being sick alone sucks.

Monday, March 17, 2008

madly in LoVe...

love makes people behave in very unusual be honest, which later on make them wonder if they had in fact,gone mad for a while.
love can easily be equated to madness.period.and i mean scientifically too.

the things people do,to makes someone they love fall in love with them...these may range from the fairly simple lying [which by its simplicity can cause fairly severe,even lasting, damage.] say, murder [obviously fatal].

i'm not talking white lies,the tiny things we often don't feel the need to gather guilt for.
i mean the liesssss.the deceit.the ones which cause rifts,so wide it takes a lot of trust,blind faith sometimes,to bridge.and a long long time.the ones meant to rip lovers apart.the ones...which do.
of course you can read a lot of this in the initial few pages of cosmo...the most shocking and shameless deeds of the time,it seems sometimes.not intended to be evil,of course,but causing hurt nevertheless.
i just watched atonement...which would explain the absurdly thoughtful mood.a lie,an accusation,separation.and yet somehow,i couldn't help but feel sorry for the young girl who lied...for she did it because she was in love and it was unrequited....and she knew she had no hope of it ever being requited.ever.

of course,now whats usually done is that a girl will try and sleep her way into her loved ones heart.and there is no dearth of guys who will milk the naivety of these drunken night one person's love and the others lust is consummated...leaving the lusting satiated and the loving heartbroken or hopeful.more often than not,eventually,heartbroken after an initial bout of hopefulness.

but they simply refuse to learn from their mistakes.thus while they wait and wait,wondering why they don't seem blessed with true love,not realising,that when they were making major mistakes and falling head over heels in love with the wrong people,true love may have passed them by.

some people actually do manage to get together with the people who truly love them,only to find them,[who have seen them through and at their worst,helped them through their most troubled times]...boring.

oh yeah,i'm not kidding.

no wonder people say love marriages don't workout these days.there are no promises of permanence and faithfulness till the end.which is exactly what we all crave.which is what makes us act so so unlike ourselves,so madly.a desire for security.

following him/her,stalking,thinking about them all the time,every waking hour and second and instant.we just want love.true and all that!

so we move from man to man or woman to woman,as the case maybe.till we meet what is known as "the one".

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

stolen moments...

sometimes i wonder,what life would be like without those small snatches of time we steal from the world around us...

u know the ones im talking about,the bits of daydream breaks we take while at work,the solitary coffee breaks in our own cocoon,a minute staring at the clouds trying to give them a shape we recognize...for instance.

moments within our mind,where we're free to call our thoughts our very own...

stolen seconds,where he looks at you,with a look reserved just for you...smiles at you,a smile designated to make you tingle,a look of ineffable tenderness,which no one but you notice...these stolen moments ... for all their magic,are priceless...

whispers in the're so beautiful...thank you for an amazing time...i really need a hug...
holding hands secretly,linking fingers under the table...

some things are so sweet.they cost nothing.but they are still priceless.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Pssst...whats that voice i hear?

Psst...Sweta, it said,
from the deep confines
within my head.
heres free counsel
you'd normally dread.

pssst...always be polite
to the seemingly small
thelewala,plumber,watchman et al
everyone deserves respect!
no job's that abject.'re free
do what your heart says,
you alone reap eventually,
the fruit of your inabilities,
to say no, trying so hard to please.

psst...take time
smell flowers, pet dogs,
feel the sunshine!
pittering pattering raindrops...

wrong decision!
but the textbook says so,
listen to the inside,
on which you can rely,
proclivity's magic wand….

psst...whos out there?
its a dark night, i'm alone,
say something
sounds seem louder
shapes odder.

psst... have faith
listen to me
I’m the real you
hear me out
see yourself fly!

songs unheard...

the new songs...

we know birds and bees,
and whispering trees,
the lull of the breeze
we know all these!

think of the songs
we've created,
theres music there too...
not just noise!

they comfort and soothe
their absence makes us brood
over the sudden quiet,
the ringing in our minds...

the fridge's deep sighs,
the humming A/C
the whirring fan
gotta lurrrrve their company.

the cackling radio
the ringing telephone
the blaring idiot box
you'll never feel alone!

although discotheques
could cause permanent deafness
can't deny the fun
i'm 24,time i went to one!