Saturday, March 29, 2008

science Vs the Unproveables?

so...someone twice my age scoffed on learning that I,though a well educated Doctor,still believe in the stuff science cannot prove...or has not,not yet,Pundits,Miracles...

i always thought the point of education was to always keep an open mind about that which you know nothing about.broaden your horizons...after all,one can't know everything about everything.

i know people who butt into conversations they have no place in to give their inexpert opinions instead of listening and learning about that which they have no clue about!in an effort to appear all knowing they end up looking extremely know,its much much smarter to admit that you know nothing about politics/medicine/doctors/fashion/Hindi movies and blah get my drift...

when you assume that something simply cannot lose out on something that may in fact be true!by closing your mind to the possibility of something as amazing as a never really get to see one...

yes,i am a doctor...and i also believe in keeping an open mind...even about so called pundits.i mean,i know i cannot simply predict the exact nature or current situation of a person simply by knowing their date of birth...but I've seen people who can!and get this : most doctors are v.religious,simply because they know its not in their hands...nothing really is.
whether or not I've learnt a lot of medicine,i can't say myself,but i have learnt this : science doesn't know pretends to!and prayers and smiles and love can heal far far better than any medication invented so far!

1 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Dok Saab said...

Very true Jyoti, not every thing can be explained by science, and miracles do happen.
In my 20 yrs career in clinical practice, I have so often found that many kids get well the moment they come to my clinic, without even taking any medicine, their parents telling "Dok Saab, its just your healing touch !!", and some do not respond to any amount of medicines whatever diagnostic tests I may do to pinpoint the cause of illness.
In Medicine, I know, its not always 2 +2= 4, its sometimes 5 or even 3.
I remember a very recent instance, of my cousin (aged 48yrs) getting severe jaundice. His bilirubin went upto 35. He tried all systems of medicine, allopathy, homeo, aurveda, and all failed. His condition deteriorated, and was admitted to the SGPGIMS,Lucknow. They couldnt make a diagnosis as to the cause of Hepatic Failure, and told my Uncle to take him home and wait and watch (in other words let him die of liver failure. It was then, I prayed to my God. And his condition started improving rapidly. It was just a miracle. Even the gastro treating him was surprised, as he was planning to do a liver transplant.