Thursday, April 03, 2008

GhEe soaked lovin'

today my Dad's adoptive mom,my Dadiji,called me over for first i hesitated.mostly cos I'm still on my weight loss crusade and i don't want to rock the boat.Knowing Dadiji...she would feed me the most delicious parathas in the WORLD.Apart from a great many decades of experience,what made them so irresistible was the large quantities of ghee...she kneaded the dough in ghee,used copious amounts in cooking top it all...while she was serving the paratha,she put a generous tablespoon of home churned butter on each of them.welcome to heaven on earth...

She and my dadaji are well into their 70s and 80s.they've been eating this way for their whole life diets,no cholesterol worries,no power walks,no obesity issues,no heart disease fears for them.while most of medical science would agree that this kind of diet can kill in a minute,they are living proof to the contrary...and they are not the only ones to be doing so.

HOW?if i had the guarantee that i would live that long,I'd stuff myself every single day with parathas as delectable as the ones i had today.I'd tell my mom to quit worrying and eat as many chips she wanted and put oil on dad's rotis and tadka in his daal,even when their are no guests.
i wouldn't count calories even over a piece of biscuit.or avoid bread like the plague.I'd tell nikhil he could have as much butter e wanted on his toast and it wouldn't stick to his arteries and damage his heart eventually.

how do they do it?i know they work around the house and etc.but still!
people from those days lived longer for all our knowledge and sophistication and medical advances and anti-lipid medication,the average age of living is around 63yrs.

please please an explanation is needed!
i know there wasn't much stress back then ,but I'll bet whatever they had was enough to deal with.they had hordes of kids for one many age ranges.i know of crying kids.and screaming kids.and kids when they're not toilet trained.Its enough to make a grown up weep.
they did most things by hand.but they did have pot bellies too.what about all that abdominal fat being terrible and it landing on Ur heart?how did they still live so long?can't we just figure that out?

3 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Dok Saab said...

Sweta, I do not know how, even after the diet you describe, they are fit in 80's.
But I feel one should not aim to live long, rather, try to live full. Because, length is a relative term, long for me can be short for you. Full, on the other hand, is absolute. Try living every day to the fullest. Enjoy every thing, be it Ghee soaked parathas, or a workout. These so called high risks are just statistics. I have seen oral cancer in people who have never had a bit of tobbaco.

NonsSens said...

Amazing...somethings are inexplicable....U know I know of a gentleman - he's in his 70s too - and as fit as a fiddle - ramrod straight, more active than many of us & goes for atleast 1 km walk everyday!!! His diet included 1 glass of malai filled milk every morning!!!!! And nope he doesn't have any heart problems.
I guess its all about constitution....their's is stronger & better...whereas ours is probably a weak constitution right from the beginning & hence our bodies cannot take that much of ghee, butter etc.

coffeeismypoison said...

sir id love to live like that!!but studies have ruined me@!
nonsens...i guess ur right...we're more pampered than out older generations...