Tuesday, March 09, 2010

For Men.

I'm utterly sick of the whole Women's day hullaballoo...all those lines about them having to undertake multiple roles, leading stressful lives, yadayadayada.

No one seems to make such a fuss over men. Instead they're cursed to the ends of the earth. It's a rare person or woman that stands up for them.

Seriously thought, Men don't have it that easy. Imagine their lives. From the time they're kids, the weight of parent's expectations are upon their a more vocal manner than for girls. "Budhapey ka sahara" and all that. No one really expects that from a girl child, which, while somewhat insulting, is also oddly liberating. I mean, we'll do everything for our folks...but no one really expects it. In that sense, we're free.

And all this talk about women having to play different roles in society, in their lives, in the lives of others... makes me nauseous. We so martyr ourselves.

A Woman is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a daughter in law, a sister, a career person and so on ad infinitum...

Really one could counter that A Man is a husband, a son, a son in law, a co-bread winner [or not]...we forget family chauffeur, person to vent out feelings at, person getting stuck in the mom in law and daughter in law [saas, bahu, nanad] wars...the person with a million expectations on his head be it from his parents or his wife or his children...

So women have to shift families. But how many women give their husbands an easy time over that? Who gives them a break from their mother's rising insecurities about her position in her household?

Men are gentle too. They help too. Maybe they don't always cook dinner and maybe they kick up a fuss if somethings not cooked just right, but they get the groceries, they get the gas cylinder, they sometimes see their wife is tired and make her tea!

Maybe women spend more time with the kids. But men spend as much as they can too. When they're not running around doing bank work, paying bills, getting water, servicing the car...

When have we EVER let a man feel adequate???

Well this post is for them. You!