Thursday, February 14, 2008


so...after a pretty major disagreement with with the boyfriend,i began to question my 100% honesty policy.i started questioning the intelligence in it.frankly,the only plus point i could see was that it was the best policy,as it avoided the tension involved in a lie gettin caught ,and the complications that follow.

but,somewhere we don't want the truth.we don't want to know things which may hurt us,now or later.we just prefer being in the dark.cos we cant handle the truth [dialogue seem familiar much?]

i thought abt examples i could mention.for instance : parents don't want to know their kids re sexually active.or that they may not be studying when they should be,or that they like the occasional screwdriver,or the destressing fag.
boyfriends dont want to know abt past relationships,or the bad things u think of their family,or what they can do to improve ur relationship,or what u think of them in bed.not really thank u.
girlfriends dont want to know which of his exes were hotter,whether you really have put on weight,what he does when hes not thinking abt u,why does he smoke to destress when ur there for him.
doctors dont want to know that thei patient may have a poor prognosis,their doctor spouse maybe cheating on them with the nurse or another doc,their kids maybe feeling neglected in the department of parental attention,they may not be able to take a day off on their anniversary.

we only want to see what we can handle.
we only want to see what makes us happy.
we only want to hear whats going on in our mind,cos its agreerable to us.
we do not,honestly speaking,want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
sometimes the truth ca damage a relationship.

but honesty is the best policy.the only policy.
so what if the truth is bitter,so much so,it can hurt for eons after its revealed,

the truth doth causeth algesia.