Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why do people hate hospitals?

To me it has been home for a
long time. It's always been a place of wonder...

See, I don't understand why people hate hospitals...

majority of the sick people who go there recover. I always thought that was fantastic.

When did that stop being a good and wondrous thing ?

So we have to run around to get tests done and fees paid and everything seems so far apart... [you don't know what far is unless you've run around trying to get a patient discharged]. But the running around too is only to make one better, get tests, get reports... plus there is always the wheelchair for patients.

So the food sucks win some you lose some. The Tea/coffee's not so bad...just make sure you ask them to give u 2 cups without water...there you go! Almost palatable!

There's always a JR to cater to your every need.

There's always a place to pray.

The beds are narrow and one has to be careful while don't want to roll right off.

No one enjoys being surrounded by sickness, festering wounds, fevers and etc. But take some comfort in the knowledge that they're being taken care of and will [God willing] recover...

for those who get sick watching blood... well you have it too you know...keeps you alive n kickin'! just beneath your skin.... ;)

I know its not a trip to the fun fair ... but a fun fair doesn't soothe your aches and pains and cure your illnesses does it ? Seems to me a trip to the hospital would sound better!!