Saturday, October 24, 2009

What DO women want?

Disclaimer : Feminists needn't take this post too seriously.

Saw What women want[Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt] for the upteenth. I just let movies play in the background sometimes, just so it feels like I'm not alone at home.

So anyway, I wondered...What do women want really? So naturally compiled a list!
Not all of you may want this stuff but some of it, sometimes...I'm sure!

- A home, just ours.
- Flowers [always, for no reason!]
- Calorie free Junk food.
- Better nooky [thats right.]
- A better figure [slimmer/fuller as applicable].
- To be less hard on ourselves.
- Someone [not our parents] who loves us just the way we are.
- Someone who supports our career choices, even when we're unsure ourselves.
- Someone who's loyal no matter who challenges us.
- Help around the house.
- Appreciation for managing a career, a family and a home.
- Equal help in doing the same.
- Less pressure to be perfect. No pressure, more like it.
- A real friend. The kind who always has our back.
- No grey hair/signs of ageing.
- No body hair [apart from head whereupon it should be plentiful.]
- A partner whos nice, with a hint of spice!
- An expression of what they mean to people.
- Honesty.
- Sincerety.
- To not have to judge any and every person they interact with.
- To not be judged all the time.
- To not have messy family affairs thrust upon them.
- To have their kids realise their mom's love them more than anything in the world and only want whats best for them.
- No menstrual cycles, or menopause. They both suck.
- Spontaneity.
- The time to weave day dreams.
- Style.
- Clothes that look brilliant on us.
- Heels that cause no long or short term pains whatsoever.
- To be pampered, to be coddled and to not have to be tough all the time.
- To not care if the in laws treat one like their own daughter or not. We have our own parents you know.
- No pain during childbirth. C'mon women are alone there, other than the drugs, nothing helps really.
- Someone who loves us to notice when we're tired or headachy or PMSing or cranky and make us a hot cup of tea/coffee. without us saying a word. Yes...we do want mind readers.
- Actual confidence. [Pretending is one thing...]
- To drink and not have people raise their eyebrows.
- To have sex before marriage and not have our character and morals questioned.
- A good night's sleep. Without an alarm.
- To not have to haggle with every vendor possible.
- For our past not to matter.
- For our education to matter more than our skin tone. Our looks.
- For our kindness to matter more than our ability to flatter, manipulate and etc.
- hugs. Sponaneous ones!
- Chocolate.
- To have a star named after us.
- To be taken care of when we're sick. [Not by a nurse in a hospital.]
- To be able to focus when driving.
- To be able to show our weakness, our anger, our frustration, our grief.
- For every kiss to remind us of our first :) [ok I made that up, its just me.]

Among other things... :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

HaPpY DiWaLi!

Dedicated to my Mother , Father and Sister. All my childhood friends, to childhoods, to being with one's family... to sweets and savouries equally~~~!!!!

There is a nip in the air...almost the same as last year...but my smile's not as wide as then because this year I'm missing my family a great mom, dad n sis. My own.

The lights are fewer, there are fewer people in the market, even fewer fireworks [which is good, please keep the sound works to a minimum...they scare humans and animals alike.] ... there's no rush at the sweet shops owing to know what, you have a tv at home!

But the lights are there, the weather is cooler and children as as enthusiastic as they were last year...its still my favortie festival and no matter how much i may deny it, this year too I will make a rangoli...

I've already done the cleaning and washing and reorganizing...right down to the fish tank.

I'm missing the wonderful smells of mathri, besan ka laddoo and namakpare and sev that mom used to make after we went to bed, after all her other work was done at and my sister would lie in bed and I'd plot how to get my hands on some of the goodies...sometimes we'd go and ambush her anyway... I was always anxious that everyone would eat them all up and then what would be left for us eh?

And on the day itself, every year, every single year...we wore new clothes...lit candles, stood in prayer, mom made a whole tablefull of goodies [snacks] to serve to all the visitors [ mouthwatering kachoris, dahi vadey, namkeen, chholey bhaturey, paneer gravy, pulao, ...we sometimes made tiny rangolis outside the door. We couldn't wait to meet all the people and their kids...we also couldn't wait for them to go [usually around 1030pm] after which the four of us would set out to one of our family friend's place for the diwali party where the women would all be lookin fresh, beautiful, the dad's would be wearing kurta pajamas and drinking and playing cards [bad].

The kids would all be fresh, lighting up crackers in the balcony secretly [not allowed in dubai]...mostly
We would eat, drink and be merry [and fret a bit about school the next day. ]
I wish I could be a schoolgirl again , if only for the festivals. For a chance to be with my family and friends from childhood again.

Happy diwali all of you who read my blog and all of you who have stumbled by!

A few ways to make this day more enjoyable! :

Please don't count calories and grumble.

Please don't light sound crackers because they scare animals and have the power to deafen any species.

Keep your pets close by give them a small closet to curl up in :o)

Don't be petty about giving gifts or recieving them. Everyone cannot afford to be luxurious.

Of course always be kinder than necessary...everyone we meet is fighting some kind of battle.