Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i told you so,
you didn't heed
my warning advise
now you've gone
and lost the prize.
i told u always

studies foremost,
yone gets stressed
medical attention?
your just distressed!
your medicament?

1 month later :

i told you so,
i'm not like others...
i'm ill,
its my mind,
i've left me,
far far behind.

so I'm leaving
for somewhere happy
maybe numb
so it matters not
who understands me,
puts me ahead
of education.

1 day later :

We didn't understand
our little girl,
never made her happy
in the now
always always
the future

living free,
living a dream
solely yours,
thats knowledge
true education.

Monday, January 07, 2008

do u think i'm...?

so i was having my weekly,solitary[as in just me] cuppa cappuccino at McDonald's [yum yum!!] this morning and i couldn't help but overhear [cos she was shrill!]...a conversation.

she: have i put on weight?
he: [hesitates][big,fatal hesitating]...what?why?
she: no,i mean,since the Christmas party,have i put on a ton of weight?
he: but i see u almost everyday!i cant really make out can i?
she: u don't see me everyday!
he: well...almost...don't i?what I'm saying is someone else is probably going to be able to tell you better.
A simple NO would've fact,she would've married u!
and so she proceeded to demolish his happiness in a very methodical manner that would ensure he never dared answer any questions asked by any member of the female sex.tsk tsk tsk.

me n nik:
we have a routine down pat
me: so...u think i look like I've lost weight?
nik: have u been dieting?
me: no...
nik: have u been exercising,in any way?
me: no...
nik: then why would u have lost weight?
me:yea but...still...not even a bit?
nik: u don't diet,don't work out...its not magic!
me: HMPF![see,i know hes right.]

most men,the poor simple minded bums,can never win!not against a woman anyway.its the ones who do manage more wins that is normal you have to watch out for,they've been around,they're the players...the ones who can charm you socks off adn maybe,sometimes,land you in trouble or break your heart...
the simple ones are more predictable,more cute n funny and usually too silly to be able to cause any lasting damage...way to go champs!

p.s: a wise man is one who doesn't try to understand a woman,but agrees with any and everything she says.he is also,therefore,a happy man.

Friday, January 04, 2008

of birthday presents...

so my birthday approaches rapidly...
n ive bin wondering what to say when people start asking me what i want for a present this year...wondered out aloud in front of my brother...
"since i was a lil kid,without fail,every birthday,i asked for a pet i have one,i also have a coffee percolator and an what do i ask for?i have whatever i want..."
bro: yea its like what to give vijay mallya...he has everything ...what do u give someone who already has everything?
me:eh?u think i have everything?hm.i guess i have everything thats important to as rich as mallya...richer cos im happy as well!!!

opened my eyes that much does one need to be happy?content?look at me....i dont know what to ask for,for a present!this year i can say "oh no aunty/uncle/friend...just ur blessings r enuf" and mean it hehehehe ;o)

thats a nice birthday...contented...happy...hopefully drunk!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

a few faces of perfection...

sunlight in winter,
honey on ginger,
rum in a cold,
wisdom of the old,
innocence and mischief,
reality surreal,
velvet's royal feel,
his hands warming mine,
who says...
love isn't all divine?