Friday, January 04, 2008

of birthday presents...

so my birthday approaches rapidly...
n ive bin wondering what to say when people start asking me what i want for a present this year...wondered out aloud in front of my brother...
"since i was a lil kid,without fail,every birthday,i asked for a pet i have one,i also have a coffee percolator and an what do i ask for?i have whatever i want..."
bro: yea its like what to give vijay mallya...he has everything ...what do u give someone who already has everything?
me:eh?u think i have everything?hm.i guess i have everything thats important to as rich as mallya...richer cos im happy as well!!!

opened my eyes that much does one need to be happy?content?look at me....i dont know what to ask for,for a present!this year i can say "oh no aunty/uncle/friend...just ur blessings r enuf" and mean it hehehehe ;o)

thats a nice birthday...contented...happy...hopefully drunk!!

1 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

the second mouse said...

i used to think its usually the case that people have everything except the one they want most, something for which they can give up everything they have.
sometimes this thought made me unhappy and i used to complain about it all the time but one day i thought that instead of complaining for bad things, what if i start thanking god for all the good things in my life, and when i did that i am happy ever since