Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh, it's er...ok. [aka, when did we become blase about saving lives?]

So last night the Almighty saved a life via me.

This woman came with poisoning, almost comatose. So I inserted a Ryle's tube, pumped her stomach, flushed the gastric contents. Then started and iv, flushed her system, gave her injections to make her pee, gave her the antidote and sat by her bedside all night.

When she arrived I rushed into action and didn't cough even once in the 2-3 hours it took to stabilize her [Yes, i have the ornery flu.]

All in a day's work.

By morning she was awake and asking for tea.
When the family thanked me, for "saving" her life, I was er...nonplussed, to say the least. I didn't know what to say, because it didn't seem like a big deal to me by then, when I heard what she had taken, with my actions I knew she would be ok, eventually...physically anyway. [please save your opinions on what you think of people who attempt intentional self harm for my upcoming post later on. Not here.]

[I suppose they , the family, didn't know, or didn't believe us till she actually sat up and started talking. ] reponse to their thank you lies in the title of this post...
" no, yes, its, hmm...I didn't really do anything you know, it's know" and looking skywards, indicating Him, whereupon they nodded, in what I hoped was understanding.

Bizarre aint' I?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Turn me into pink mist.

NOTE : Pink mist is basically how the bomb squad refers to you when you blow up. There are many other definitions as well, as per google. The reason I wrote on this phrase is because it isn't often that we come across a beautiful word for something gory and ugly. I am not suicidal or depressed or anything of the sort!!

Turn me into pink mist dear God,
and make me forget.
The horrors I've seen
and never let me see
what lies in further store for me.

Turn me into pink mist my friend,
I cannot bear it anymore,
the blood, unfairness, backstabbing and gore.
People being one thing to your face,
behind it meaning much,much more.

Turn me into Pink mist buddy,
No one listens anymore,
Everyone thinks they're perfect,
Other's opinion's matter no more,
We talk to ourselves, content in ourselves.

Turn me into pink mist God,
What is the point here?
We save lives, they die someday,
but do they learn?
Life's important lessons?

Take me into your arms my Lord,
Or teach them life is not too short
nor long, the trouble lies not in it's length.
We don't know when in fact,
it is going to end.

Take me into the wind my friend,
they still don't learn each moment counts,
still are rude and impolite,
compassion seems so far, far away.
And for those who are ...

trying to grow in your image,
they're are mocked, Fingers pointed,
unappreciated, laughed at, scorned.
Turn me into pink mist my God,
It hurt's to be different, ignored.

Blow me into your miracles God,
the rain, wind, grass, sun and snow.
I have no strength what you see
[is just for show.]
take me into your arms, give me respite.

I cannot fight anymore.