Saturday, August 01, 2009

Turn me into pink mist.

NOTE : Pink mist is basically how the bomb squad refers to you when you blow up. There are many other definitions as well, as per google. The reason I wrote on this phrase is because it isn't often that we come across a beautiful word for something gory and ugly. I am not suicidal or depressed or anything of the sort!!

Turn me into pink mist dear God,
and make me forget.
The horrors I've seen
and never let me see
what lies in further store for me.

Turn me into pink mist my friend,
I cannot bear it anymore,
the blood, unfairness, backstabbing and gore.
People being one thing to your face,
behind it meaning much,much more.

Turn me into Pink mist buddy,
No one listens anymore,
Everyone thinks they're perfect,
Other's opinion's matter no more,
We talk to ourselves, content in ourselves.

Turn me into pink mist God,
What is the point here?
We save lives, they die someday,
but do they learn?
Life's important lessons?

Take me into your arms my Lord,
Or teach them life is not too short
nor long, the trouble lies not in it's length.
We don't know when in fact,
it is going to end.

Take me into the wind my friend,
they still don't learn each moment counts,
still are rude and impolite,
compassion seems so far, far away.
And for those who are ...

trying to grow in your image,
they're are mocked, Fingers pointed,
unappreciated, laughed at, scorned.
Turn me into pink mist my God,
It hurt's to be different, ignored.

Blow me into your miracles God,
the rain, wind, grass, sun and snow.
I have no strength what you see
[is just for show.]
take me into your arms, give me respite.

I cannot fight anymore.

25 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Dok Saab said...

The Poem is good, thoughts are deep, very well crafted,
but then I do not like this defeatist attitude coming from you, Sweta.
I hope this is just a creative exercise and not your point of View :)

Pesto Sauce said...

This is a big bad world...

I recall a song from Mother Idia...duniya main hum aaye hain to jeena hi padega, jeevan hain agar zeher to peena hi padega

Tongue-fu Lady said...

beautiful but a bit depressing...nicely crafted! :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Very good expression of the angst of a modern woman fighting against ...misconceptions and prejudices?

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful post doctor.There come times when you are just so hurt,fighting the welled up tears that seeking refuge only in the Almighty works.Trust Him whatever it is,will go away :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Dok saab : I knew u would be concerned Sir...I am ok...just having a few wierd days. Where I can't understand whats going on around me :o)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Pesto Sauce : Hmm...I haven't seen the movie but am familiar with the song. I hate poison.

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Tongue fu lady : I can never get over ur nickname...its awesome :) yeah this is depressing cos I am a bit low :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Sucharita : well yes..that and that among other things...simply put I have a simple mind. Am honest and cannot understand too many complexities. certainly i delve into the depths of everything but thats only to understand the basics!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Pg : Thank u praying :o)

AnjuGandhi said...

first time on your blog. just loved yur tempelate.
very emotional and touching thoughts. pierced right upto the inner chord of my heart

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Anju : Welcome to my v.confused about my template...some love it others hate it equally vehemently :( hope u read and keep reading and commenting as ur comments means a lot :o)

Aniket said...

Echo to Doc Saab. Its one of your best works writing technique and structure wise. But I can only wish that you find your fighting spirit back soon. Be strong and strike. :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Aniket : *bowing*... i'm FINE!! I swear...let me prove it to u...tomorrow im going for love aaj kal. it just happens sometimes u know?u see ppl being nasty to each other...deliberately trying to see only and only the negative side of ppl as if, as if as IF we each r perfect!
I'm fine i really am. I'll write a funny post soon ul see :oP

Americanising Desi said...

this is so beautifuilllllllllllllllllllllll!!!! sigh sigh sigh!!!

magical milady!

Americanising Desi said...

p.s. i m going insane with the magic thing :P
so excuse my gettin carried away!

lena said...

One of the most strong poems I came across lately. Makes you think in what kind of a world we live. Really good work here :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@AD : Magicv is can never get too carried away with it ;)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Lena : Sometimes in bad mood i see this aspect of the world...its not so bad.i mean, the bad stuff is there allright...but theres good stuff too :)

pra said...

I like all your poems...Very romantic and meaningful! keep it up!!

Guy said...

Very nice, i'm impressed

Little Girl Lost said...

turn her into pink mist, dear god. but not on my manicured lawn, please, dear god :)

Dok Saab said...

@ Little Girl Lost

Ha Ha Ha !!

Anonymous said...

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