Thursday, December 31, 2009

What Did you Do this YeAr ?

It's the morning of the Last Day Of The Year [as it shall henceforth be known] and I'm wondering where the year 2009 went?

I'm trying to recollect what I did, what I achieved, and try as I may my mind is a blank.

What did you do this year?

How did You make a difference?

Did you make a difference?

I think that is the scariest part...

Are you the same person you were last year?

Or did you evolve, perhaps defeat your vices?

Did you conquer you temper, kick that butt, throw the last bottle of bozze into the bin and never buy another?

Were you kind and compassionate?

Or did you leave that puppy with the broken leg out in the cold because... well there are so many such pups how many can we save?

Did you at least save the one you knew about?

Did you?

Did you try to improve your relationships with people?

Did you try to be honest with them?

Being honest is so hard. One never knows how someone else will respond does one?

Did you realise the perils of gossipping?

Did you try to see the good in people instead of bitching about their dark shades?

Did you try helping someone get ahead?

Even if it is in a goal you yourself want to succeed?

Did you give your shivering watchman a cup of tea without him asking?

Did you stand by your beloved in their times of need?

Even if they pushed you away?

Especially if they wanted to be left alone? No one really does you know.

Did you love them better than ever?

Even when they cursed you?

Especially when they cursed you.

Did you say what was on your mind and mean it?

To those who matter to you anyway.

Did you clear things up with people?

Doesn't it feel great?

Think, think of all you did, all you want to do and all you are capable of doing.

Then do it.

Think of what you are, what you really want to be and what you Can be.
Then Be.

Happy new years!