Tuesday, March 25, 2008

scaredy cat!

"scaredy cat, kill a rat
tell your momma
to make you fat!"

silly little rhyme we used to sing as kids.sometimes still do...

since I've been living alone in new Delhi,people have taken to asking me..."aren't you scared?"...

they never do mention what it is exactly that I'm expected to be scared of...i don't think they know either.but...heres what u think...
I'm supposed to lose sleep over the following :

being alone
getting my own food
cleaning my own house
my shadow
more robbers.

speaking of robbers,may i just mention the items in my house worth stealing...correction laptop...which they would think is a big deal but it actually isn't even being manufactured anymore.its an obsolete model, something only my father could get his hands on and give me cos I'm incapable to keeping expensive things carefully!huh!it doesn't even work without a power least if they stole it I'd get a new one...newer one that is.heheheheheheHA!
i don't even carry money!i have my ATM for lie abt the PIN if cornered anyway.

the list yea...

perhaps murderers
patients coming over to ask for free advice.
my dogs barks n howls n lust filled whines [shes in heat]
the dhobi
the watchman
the robbers
the cleaning lady
the news paper fella

mostly i think I'm supposed to be scared of just being alone...of he idea...of it.
my parents were worried but hell i can do
this, i told them.n so i am.
it just gets really bad when im sick...then i feel the long ugly arm of loneliness reaching out n pulling my ears...but other than that...I'm dog doesn't let anyone near me...including my own boyfriend...which really pisses him off.but it just shows how good she is as a guard.n she bites the watchman,newspaper man,delivery boy,cleaning lady...and anyone whom i don't talk to really.its really cos of her i feel safe.of course i find it hard to sleep nights but its mostly cos of my inactivity...yeah not much to do around here and reading doesn't exactly tire out the muscles u know.

no,I'm not scared!

1 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Nick said...

Such a cute poem dost!
U r just awesome!!
But I know that ur a Brave Girl!