Monday, March 17, 2008

madly in LoVe...

love makes people behave in very unusual be honest, which later on make them wonder if they had in fact,gone mad for a while.
love can easily be equated to madness.period.and i mean scientifically too.

the things people do,to makes someone they love fall in love with them...these may range from the fairly simple lying [which by its simplicity can cause fairly severe,even lasting, damage.] say, murder [obviously fatal].

i'm not talking white lies,the tiny things we often don't feel the need to gather guilt for.
i mean the liesssss.the deceit.the ones which cause rifts,so wide it takes a lot of trust,blind faith sometimes,to bridge.and a long long time.the ones meant to rip lovers apart.the ones...which do.
of course you can read a lot of this in the initial few pages of cosmo...the most shocking and shameless deeds of the time,it seems sometimes.not intended to be evil,of course,but causing hurt nevertheless.
i just watched atonement...which would explain the absurdly thoughtful mood.a lie,an accusation,separation.and yet somehow,i couldn't help but feel sorry for the young girl who lied...for she did it because she was in love and it was unrequited....and she knew she had no hope of it ever being requited.ever.

of course,now whats usually done is that a girl will try and sleep her way into her loved ones heart.and there is no dearth of guys who will milk the naivety of these drunken night one person's love and the others lust is consummated...leaving the lusting satiated and the loving heartbroken or hopeful.more often than not,eventually,heartbroken after an initial bout of hopefulness.

but they simply refuse to learn from their mistakes.thus while they wait and wait,wondering why they don't seem blessed with true love,not realising,that when they were making major mistakes and falling head over heels in love with the wrong people,true love may have passed them by.

some people actually do manage to get together with the people who truly love them,only to find them,[who have seen them through and at their worst,helped them through their most troubled times]...boring.

oh yeah,i'm not kidding.

no wonder people say love marriages don't workout these days.there are no promises of permanence and faithfulness till the end.which is exactly what we all crave.which is what makes us act so so unlike ourselves,so madly.a desire for security.

following him/her,stalking,thinking about them all the time,every waking hour and second and instant.we just want love.true and all that!

so we move from man to man or woman to woman,as the case maybe.till we meet what is known as "the one".

1 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

The Alchemist said...

Love is indeed the single most powerful emotion that we experience. And its due to this that we commit so many sins in life.

A promise of being faithful is not enough to keep a relationship strong and intact (as many relations are strained even when the partners are faithful). Be it friendship ( being a faithful friend ) or be it marriages ( being a faithful spouse ).If you really love a person than dont ever promise that you will be faithful. Just make sure you are one. A successful relationship has a little bit of everything. Be it love, respect, honesty or understanding

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