Friday, April 10, 2009

ToRn Up...and giggling!

My Mom just left for home. Where my dad is, across an ocean. And I may fight with her and not get along. But She's the one, in my life, in this world, I love above all. Above everyone, even my Dad or sister. There is NO question. And everytime I leave for India or she leaves from India, basically whenever we part for a duration of more than a month... I cry and cry unabashedly. I miss everything about my Mom including her constant nagging. I literally bawl like a baby till I fall asleep.

"Don't go"
"I don't wanna go!"
"I Hate college!"
"Don't leave me!"
"No NO!!!"

This time though, there is an element of the ridiculous I'm going to write about.
My mother's lugguage.

Air Arabia permits 30kgs worth of baggage. My mom's suitcase was nearly empty...for a reason. She'd made v.important plans to fill it up. Way before she'd even arrived in India.
This is what she carried with her. Abroad. Apparently she's not alone.

- Arhar [yellow] daal [2kgs]
- Channa [split gram] Daal [2kgs]
- Rajma [2kgs]
- Urad Daal [2kgs]
- Parval [vegetable- 2kgs]
- Karela [Bitter gourd- 2kgs]
- Homemade biscuits [1KG!]
- Special Agra Moong daal [1 KG!]
- Repaired Pressure cooker.
- Field fresh Rice[3kgs]
- 5 Stitched suits
- Sweets [DUH]

hmm...Everytime I look at this list, and remember my mom asking me to repeatedly weight her suitcase to see if there was room for more stuff...I stop crying and begin giggling. I must be going mad!
"Kuch aur daal dete hain? Hain? Jagah hai?"
[Can we add something more? Is there room?]

She's the best!

23 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Solilo said...

Awww....{{Hugs}} I know that you are missing your mom.

Go out have some fun with friends. Good company will cheer you up for sure.

coffeeismypoison said...

@Solilo : Thanks for the hugs! I'm ok now though...watched Aloo Chaat and Some medical soaps :D talked mush to my better half and had chocolate! Will meet up wid the BF on subday too! YAY!

Indian Home Maker said...

'Coffeismypoison' is an interesting name :))

And this was such a sweet post... I can imagine all this soon when my daughter leaves home to study...the tearful goodbyes.

coffeeismypoison said...

Hey IHM : coffee is my favorite drink! Saw ur blog, left a comment...ur posts r v.v.thought provoking. subscribed too!

How olds ur daughter? I've not left to study...but this is something that always happens :(

Chriz said...

hope they allow all these stuff. i am usually caught for carrying pickles... they take the pickle and throw it in the dustbin.. silly people

coffeeismypoison said...

@Chriz: Hey! Ur right...they always keep the pickles but not if my mom has anything to do with it [sob stories] but i think its cos of the oil content...maybe they think its gonna make the plane go up in flames. Ha-ha.
Thanks for visiting!!and commenting!

Indian Home Maker said...
Find her age here :)

coffeeismypoison said...

Wow...She's nearly there IHM. nearly there. I'm sorry...but u guys r lucky...laptops, internet, video chat...It'll be ok. It wont b the same, it'll be new, different...but close enough. :)
loved ur posts...went on to the little boys one too.

ARUNA said...

hey ur blog name is quite interesting....even i cannot live without coffee. I liked the header too, its good. So u missing ur mom??? I miss my mom-dad too :( Nice blog.

coffeeismypoison said...

@Aruna : Hey! Thanks for visiting...its the only thing thats made me smile today.
I miss my whole family terribly. though we havr family friends ones bothered about you, even if u are alone, once ur parents r not around [ironically that is when u most need someone sometimes.]
Where r u located? Student?
Will visit ur blog too...thank u so much for the compliments on my blog. Totally Taboo is the name of a short story im writing...earlier my blog was called pandora's box...but i prefer this :)

kasana said...

Nice blog! I thought I'll tell you what I felt here.
Hats off... :)

coffeeismypoison said...

@kasana...: Thank u! I write so much cos...I love writing. and its nice, after so long writing, to have readers! I love ur blog...would u mind if i used the animations on my blog occasionally and as my screensavers and desktop background!
BTW, pls copyright protect ur work!

ruSh.Me said...

Umm.. I have stayed away from home so much, I sadly, don't feel much pain and sadness... :((

Gauri Gharpure said...

i remember our luggage was overtaken with mangoes and lots of mangoes... are you still missing her, is it?

Crafty Shines said...

Hugs!!!! it can be so tough to have parents staying away :|

lol @ the kirana ur mom carried with her! aren't all of them like that!!!! :D

kasana said...

Ya! Why I'll mind. But please tell me which Animation you want.

coffeeismypoison said... : U know, I totally get what ur saying. I've been living alone for more than 7yrs now! And im never this sad. for more than an hour! this time around...I don't know whats bothering me! I'm literally crying all over the place. literally! I went for work n when my staff asked me if mom's reached...i started blubbering~! ugh.

@gauri : Yay! u came! Yep..still missing mom :'( Mangoes go all the way home too...when the seasons right. and "peas!" hehe...

@ Crafty shines: Thanks for the v.nice hugs!'s r the best. the most ridiculous too but the best!

@Kasana: I'll tell u...thank u!

Swati said...

Lol that is so funny, I can totally see aunty doing that.
I remember this one time my grandma made us carry a GIGANTIC thing of pickles. Not even checked in. In our backpack.
Obviously I made Sanchita carry it haha.
But thats not the best part. She also added 3 4 big homgegrown lemons.
And the police thought and 8 year old and an 11 year old were carrying bombs.
Lol deli police really.
Good times

coffeeismypoison said...

@Swati: ur forgetting Varanasi airport police :o( Pickles were the big deal. Always haadd to go! I remember those times...really good.

Ruchika said...

Since I'm constantly living with my parents, my reaction is exactly the opposite. I call up my gal pals, throw on party clothes and never call mum. AND I sleep late, wake up later, breakfast in bed...the works. :D

Although when I was away from them for a year, even though I like CONSTANTLY had them visiting every month, I did feel sad. And yes, the carrying of stuff also touches a chord. Now with my mum, but with my buas. They're as good as surrogate mothers!

P.s. I not only commented, its a BIIIIG one.

coffeeismypoison said...

@Ruchika: I know what u mean...i used to do that stuff...when i lived with them. Well no, I'd call boys and read books. but to each his own party :)
thanks for commenting.

Sumit said...

While the first part reminded me of my first few weeks back during undergrad days, the second half actually made me smile, in fact chuckle. Have seen my aunts n uncles turn up the same manner. In fact, when it was my turn, my mum got me loads of stuff to pack, sadly few never made it, n some I refused for the wreckage they might cause in the my bags (31+23 was the allowance, BA student).

Oh, it so does remind me of when I go grocery shopping with a rucksack :P

In a way, it is nice to miss the loved ones. At least, that way you'll remember them longer, better, be more loving and appreciative. Every cloud has a silver lining. :)

coffeeismypoison said...

@Sumit : Not a silver lining right now. I'm still missing them all terribly. its not a nice feeling. I feel awful.
But yea...the lugguage thing makes me smile :D ha!!