Monday, April 06, 2009


Here are a few things that make me smile :

- A good book.
- A decent sitcom.
- Ice lollies in the rain.
- A genuine compliment.
- Comments on my blog! [make me smile!]
- Flowers from my better half.
- A genuine apology.
- A good heart to heart with a friend.
- A deliciously long kiss! [dizzy smile.]
- Someone thanking me for helping them feel better.[in the hospital.]
- My parents praising me behind my back.
- A cup of hot, strong coffee.
- My dog welcoming me home, waiting for me by the door and hugging me and laughing and climbing into my lap for a cuddle.
- Mom's homemade food.
- Thoughtfulness.
- Kindness.
- Politeness.
- Use of the words : please, sorry and thank you.
- A tight hug.
- Someone thinking of me, missing me. Be it a friend or someone more.
- Amusement park rides!
- Watching fish swim, play.
- My better half needing me. For a hug, a squeeze, advice, help or more.
- Someone complimenting my cooking.
- When my Better half overeats something I cooked and then has to undo his jean's button.
- Books for sale!!
- Being able to easily slip into clothes which were previously ugh tight as hell.
- Watching my weight drop.
- Understanding a new concept in medicine.
- Watching someone's reactions [positive] after I gift them something...

12 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Anonymous said...

nice list !! and good header too :)

ruSh.Me said...

LOL.... you might LOVE this...!!
I Love You More Than _____

coffeeismypoison said...

@pretty me : Thanks Prats! I love the header too...

coffeeismypoison said... DONE IT!! I've sent 2 entries to that site....I did LOVE it! lol! wen do we next get the pleasure of reading u Madame? pls add me on gtalk :

Crafty Shines said...

most entries, i have to say, r on my list of smile evokers too!!
hope u have a daily dose of smile-makers each day!

coffeeismypoison said...

@Crafty shines : Sometimes I do...sometimes I don't...the one my dog...every morning wen i come home from my shift she's there, laughing and bouncing!

kanagu said...

nice one.. These listed things will make everybody happy :)

Nice compilation :)

Sara said...

All my favorite things,except the amusement park rides!!

coffeeismypoison said...

@kanagu: Thanksss!!! but no some ppl dislike dog hugs :( pity for them!

@Sara : rides? not even the gentle ones??

Tumbleweed said...

you have a sweet smile! :)
and we have the same interests: I loved books (they make me smile even more when there are sales!,) I adored coffee *sigh*, mom's homemade food & a comments on my blog. Have we met before? maybe we were friends in before life hehehe
p/s: thanks for your comments on my site, - see it did makes me smile and guess thats why I come here to make you smile too! ;)
Cheers xo

coffeeismypoison said...

@Tumbleweed: Maybe~! We could be friends in this life too! But first youl have u invite me to read ur blog...pretty please!!
Thanks for coming to my site and the compliments...pls do keep visiting and commenting!!

Indian Homemaker said...

Your dog Google is adorable :)) I have two dogs too, I know how happy they can make you feel!!