Thursday, April 23, 2009

TotaLLy TaBoO Paaart- 3


Everytime Preksha smiled, his heart jumped for joy. He knew she was married and thought her husband was an insensitive asshole. How could any man bear to see, or even see, let alone be the cause of...those lovely eyes sad.

When Preksha was sad, or happy, you could see it in her eyes. Anything she was feeling, was clearly there for everyone to see. She never really bothered to hide her feelings, probably not the best thing to do or the most tactful. But she was honest. And it was just as well no one really bothered looking into anyone's eyes anymore. Those eyes could speak volumes and he could read forever. Sometimes, words were not needed.
When he first saw her, in the office, there were no fireworks. There were no songbirds chirping around his head or violins stringing their songs.

Truth be told, He didn't even take a second look.

It was only a few months into the job, that he noticed her. She was always, always alone.

She ate her lunch alone, took her coffee break alone, she rarely talked to anyone regarding anything outside of work. And her eyes, behind her glasses, were sad. Flirt he maybe, in the office...but it never went beyond that. She wore shapeless clothes, designed to camouflage her figure. There was always something wrong about her person. A stain on her dress, a button missing, an old pair of shoes, never any jewellery. Sometimes she wouldn't comb her hair. She had lovely hair, a stunning mass of thick black waves which she never left loose. Once he chanced to see it when he entered the coffee room. She had unpinned it and was massaging her temples and nursing a cup of espresso...and obviously a terrible headache. Somedays she would wear the same outfit two days running.
And then one day, he noticed her crying. The entire time she was at work. No one noticed. She didn't bawl like a baby, but it was just, quiet tears. Drip, drip. Wipe. Drip and discreet wipe. She never wore makeup so smudging it was not a problem. She spent two hours out of eight in the coffee room. Crying. When he asked her if she was OK, she didn't answer. She had never looked this sad in all those months. He was worried. It didn't matter to him that no one else noticed. The world was callous. He wondered what could be so wrong...maybe a fight with her husband...correction, a huge fight. She looked low everyday anyway. He wondered what would help.

Perhaps a flower.

A daisy...they were so cheerful. Bright yellow centres, bound to make you smile. A note, telling her to be happy. At least she would know someone was there to talk to.

She came back the next day. They became friends. And then a month later, more.

It was two months later that she told him, his small gesture had saved her life. Literally.

She took much better care of herself now. Always well dressed, polished, more importantly, bearing a smile that reached her eyes. She stunned the office the next day...she had been hiding behind a wall, afraid of looking good...being her best. And no one cared to see beyond her fine features. No one saw beyond the obvious, beyond sometimes...flashy.

Turned out she was all that too! Who knew?!

He loved taking care of her. Sharing his lunch with her. Eating her delicious lunch. She was an excellent cook, there was no doubting that. Getting her coffee, taking walk breaks. Being her friend. Bringing her back to life.

He wondered how her fool of her husband failed to notice the death of their little he cared...? What could be more important than putting a smile on the face of your beloved? Putting money in your bank account? Which was more important, more essential to life...? Food on one's plate, or joy in one's heart? What was the point of a full belly and tearful eyes? The combination makes life worthless.

When he took her out on dates, and just took her hand, her eyes glowed with happiness. It seemed all she wanted, was an acknowledgement, that she was loved...perhaps it was that acknowledgement that had gone out of her marriage. Often happened. She spoke about her husband, but never mentioned his name. That would have brought him to life, as if he wasn't a glaring light in their relationship as it was.

She spoke of him in a remniscent manner, as if he was no more. In a sense, He wasn't. He wasn't the man she'd married. Or the one she'd fallen in love with. Or the one who promised never to be the cause of a tear in her eye. Or the one who promised to take care of all her problems, anything that fell into her lap. The one who promised never to take her for granted or try to change her. Never to restrict her in anyway. To listen to any and everything she said. It was another thing that she didn't say much.

"Har koi pyaar ke liye bhookha hota hai, usey jahaan bhi pyar milta hai, chala jaata hai."
[Everyone is hungry for love, whereever they get it, they go.]

That was the only reasonable excuse to justify what they were doing. Their relationship. What it was worth, was something only they knew and understood. They didn't feel the need to justify themselves to anyone. There was no point. She had no friends and he...well he did have a few close friends...only one of whom was married...a gym buddy of sorts. He'd never met his wife...he talked about her a lot, but never took up Nimish's suggestions for a get together...maybe he was embarassed by her...maybe she was fat or ugly... Even he didn't know.
Nimish wondered why marriages went this way...perhaps he would ask Rajat.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful choice of picture at the top ...

and I don't have any constructive criticism or helpful words :D .. but please keep writing , its fantastically absorbing and very touching .. beautiful

coffeeismypoison said...

Thanks anonymous...I appreciate ur lovely comments. I'm not really in the mood for criticism constructive or otherwise...It would only become a burden on my mind-for now- and since I don't have the time to rewrite...I'd not feel good about the story :)
Thanks for visiting keep coming...

Anonymous said...

Hey! Download a book you may like from here. Wanted to email you but then thought it would be better if I did it this way

Crafty Shines said...

oooooh! a twist!! :D bollywood - ishtyle!!

i really liked ur line on :what's the use of a full tummy and tearful eyes?"
really introspective, coffee!

why did i read this so early in the day? now i have a full more day to wait before the next part! :|

SGD said...

Hmmmm....the twist is here afterall!!

Am waiting for the next serving.....

Little Girl Lost said...

coffee-- yesterday i was wondering what sort of a man Nimish was, whether he was worth having an affair with at all. so many men lurk about to prey on unhappily married women, for sport (you read my bit about how to sleep with another man's wife)
but its good to know he has such depth, he can understand preksha's lonelyness,he can offer her the love that she needs and deserves. he is not demanding in the relationship, but rather he wants to be the giver.
preksha needed someone like nimish .(unless, of course, you have a twist up your sleeves and nimish is actually a psycopath murderer.hmmm, i hope not ...)

Chronicwriter said...

i dint understand..
i have to read the previous parts

Dok Saab said...

Story on extra-marital affair from You !! Thats surprising :) (considering you are not even married yet).
Story is written brilliantly, the narration is nice and engrossing, but the theme so far is predictable. Reminds me of some movie I have seem before.

Anonymous said...

She never really bothered to hide her feelings, probably not the best thing to do or the most tactful. But she was honest.

>> Thats ME !! n i tell u .. its the worst thign at times ..

It seemed all she wanted, was an acknowledgement, that she was loved...perhaps it was that acknowledgement that had gone out of her marriage.

>> We all do foolish and rash things just to be wanted !! stupid but not unreasonable !

nice twist in the end !! Hope to read rest parts before my vacation.. or will read next month

coffeeismypoison said...

@ Jak : Done it!! Even left a comment on ur blog about it. I loved it :) and u did email me!

coffeeismypoison said...

@Crafty shines : I liked that line too... :) its something I personally go by and quote often...specially to my better half :D

coffeeismypoison said...

@SGD : Ha Ha!! Not bollywood style! My style! Next serving up n coming in the next few days :)

@LGL: See? the other man isn't always evil :)

@Dok saab : Trying something new sir
I think ur talking about "murder". based on "unfaithful"...but not this isn't like that!!

@ Pretty me: Me like that...have toned it down a lot thought..have to sometimes!

Sumit said...

Liked Nimish's account. But, why would he ask Rajat?? How?? Is Rajat the gym instructor friend of his?? Oh bother!! I got too many questions!!
Nice flow. Loved it.

Pesto Sauce said...

Well written with a human touch

Highlights what women really want

sawan said...

dnt think tht i am flatering u wen i say tht i m in luv with the way u write. beautiful. wonder why i came here so late. waiting for the next part!

coffeeismypoison said...

@Sumit : So U agree he's not an asshole ? Am v.glad u liked it. Nimish will ask Rajat cos Rajat is the only married friend he has! Yes a gym buddy :o) READ CAREFuLLy Sumit!!!checked ur blgo it!!

@Pesto Sauce : Oh Hello! Am so pleased u visited :o) well...i write wat i see, wat i feel or what others its all human :o)

@Sawan : well I AM flattered but i'll take ur comments with a pinch of salt because u follow an impossibly enormous number of blogs!! Lets see hoe regularly u read mine!!! But thanks for the visit...

Anand said...

Pretty human...the way it's written. And written well indeed...the way u hv chosen to express it.

I like !!.

Expect me back.
Anand. ;-)

coffeeismypoison said...

@anand : Thanks A! I'll be v.pleased to have u back here...saw ur blog...its v.different and v.v.interesting! Will leave a comment once ive read in details.

Sumit said...
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Sumit said...

did read it carefully. and that's why was thinking along those lines, u c after all Rajat is also the husband's name. And yeah, I agree I was really quick to jump to a conclusion about Nimish. I should have been holding my horses till the whole story wrapped up...
and thanks for checking out the blog. a bit irregular there, am afraid!

coffeeismypoison said...

@sumit : OH is it?? YEahhhh...see I hadn't realised that they share names! Ha. Thats the one n only twister :'( n now u've gone and not understood it. darn it!
But its nice to have ur opinion as and wen u feel it :) even if it means jumping to conclusions...that way i get satisfied when wen ur see the error of ur ways ;)

Sumit said...

Brats n fools learn the hard way :P

coffeeismypoison said...

which r u? mmy guess is brat!! :P

Sumit said...

been told off on both terms, so am thoroughly confused. could be a mix of both... much like snickers!! chocolate, caramel and a good measure of nuts thrown in.
something is wrong with me tonight!! am referring to food everywer in ur blog today!! :D

coffeeismypoison said...

@Sumit : Certainly your comments make my stomach growl! I'm a total foodie. Especially chocolates!!!

Zeba Talkhani said...

Oh No. Kahani mai twist. My eyes are hurting, am too sleepy. But man. What the hell. I will just go ahead and read the next. I loves it!!!!!! I really hope to be a writer as good as you. Have you thought of writing books?

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Zeba : Yeah...I think about writing books, a lot...but I am a doctor first...and that doesn't leave a lot of time to write professionally :)