Friday, February 13, 2009

SmUg as SiN.

I strongly believe that I am now, one the despicable, vain and self righteous people Bridget Jone's described as "Smug married." Except I'm nowhere near marriage. Apparently 4 years of being in a relationship is enough for me to stick up my nose in the air in an act of snobbery declaring myself as good as married.
Ugh. How could I not have seen this coming?

I keep boasting.
I am generous in doling out advice to people who are either not in relationships or are in messed up ones.
I know all about why matrimonial advertisements are hilarious.
I seem to be the only one aware of the fact that one needs to compromise in a marriage.
I say, its ok to give in to your partner if it makes you happy. never mind what he/she does or doesnt do for you in return.
I know all about why its sooo important to be honest with your partner.
I think the way to a man's heart is through his stomach among other things.
I have all the bloody answers.

But I don't really...honest. I too, often wonder what I'm part of a couple. I never imagined myself to ever give in to anyone...lose my independence...worry about hurting his feelings by things I may say/do/write/even feel. Worrying about saying/doing/feeling something that may be even slightly offensive to people he/she loves...regardless of how those people may behave towards you.
I've always done what I felt like. If I found a child's toy fascinating in its mechanism, I'd buy it...regardless of what anyone else thought about this. if anyone thought it childish, they could go screw themselves. Not every girl yelps in delight on seeing a sale on make up or whatever it is. That doesn't make them any less feminine or woman like. I always thought it made them endearing.
Worrying seems to be a big part of love. Not just of falling in love but more importantly of remaining in it.

4 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

ruSh.Me said...

Remaining in it..IS THE MOST DIFFICULT PART!!!

Wow..4 years..congrats!! As good as getting married...!!

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you...

coffeeismypoison said...

yeah...thats what I think sometimes. We're as good as wed but no one else seems to understand that.
Suddenly i wanna get married...actually I just want a suitcase filled with lovely saris. sigh.
But even after 4yrs neither of us is "ready" to be married.
thanks rashmi!!same to u too!!

Nick said...

Yaar i feel ki toys ki taraf attraction ya fascination hona is NORMAL but kabhi kabhi not always but at the same time if you don't exhibit your girlish or feminine attitude then obviously your bf will not like it much. he would like to see you indulging in activities that other girls would do or generally do.No Offence!it's my opinion to this kinda situation.
Love ur Blog.

-->Rashmi : Thanks & Happy Valentine's Day to you and your Valentine.

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