Sunday, January 25, 2009

To NikHiL

Dedicated to Nikhil, on the occasion of our 4th anniversary as a couple. Thank you, for everything.

“ I was thinking how nothing lasts. And what a shame that is.” Benjamin Button, The curious case of Benjamin Button.

This beautiful, heart warming film, the best I’ve seen in a long, long, long time...touched my heart and made me cry. As is usual with things like this, it made me think. Of all the moments I wished would go on forever. Since this is dedicated to my better half, naturally I thought of moments with him :o)

- The first time we met, after 12yrs when we were kids. It was 5AM, and my heart leapt into my I saw the man I’d been in love with long distance for more than two years.

- The first bar of chocolate we shared.

- All the times you hug me when I cry.

- The time when I helped you make a treasure hunt for your sister...we went shopping...and finally after 4 hours, exhausted, we sat in a silver store choosing anklets for her, and though you hate PDA, you put an arm around my shoulders and let me rest my head against you.

- The time we went to pick out birdies for your mom.

- The times you read the Hanuman Chalisa out loud to me over the phone when I was scared.

- The times I used to sleep over the phone, you would make me sleep, sing me a lullaby.

- The first ice cream we shared. McDonalds soft serve.

- The feeling I had when you bought me the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever received, because they made even me feel my feet were pretty!

- The first time one of your tee shirts fit me!

- The time when we were at your place, and it was 3AM and we were up talking and had tea and biscuits.

- The time me, mom, aunty, sapna and you went shopping before your job interview and I bought 2 kurtas. It was the first time everyone realised that somehow to me, only your opinion mattered :o)

- The first time you woke me up when I stayed over at your place. You softly stroked my cheek with a finger till I woke up. Now I wish I hadn’t!

- The times you eat and enjoy something I’ve cooked for you.

- The afternoon we dined at Azzurro’s bar and restaurant, and the movie that followed [dasvidanya]. But mostly the lunch :o) it was an awesome afternoon. Pretty perfect.

- The first time we had a candle lit dinner...chinese... It was awesome feeding you noodles and more!

- The first time we got drunk together ;o)

- The time you took me to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix...even though you didn’t want to...and our families were off seeing Apne.

- All the times you say you don’t want French fries and then steal mine!

- All the times you hold my hand of your own accord.

- The time you said you missed “my haath ki chai because it’s perfect.”

- The first time we spoke over the phone.

- The time you told me, sullenly after a fight, that it was not possible for you to be without me now. “It’s not possible for me now.” You said and HMPF’d.

- The first New Year’s Eve we spent together.

- The time you told me, 4yrs back, that you were single and always had been!

- The time you babied me when I was sick and alone. Made me feel a whole lot better...! even if I was hospitalised that later that night.

- The first time you said you wanted a future with me, marriage and babies and all.

- The first time you said that my parents are your parents.

- The time you gave me a relaxing pedicure after hours of walking in heels :o)

- The time you told me, that I’m not just your girl friend, I’m your better half.

- Every time single time you tell me I’m a good doctor.

- The first time I sat behind you on your bike... :o)

- The first time I received a care package from you. It warmed my insides.

- Every time you come up with a new nickname for me.

- The time you oiled and massaged my hair/scalp and made a ponytail out of it and I gave you a head massage and back and shoulder along with oiling your hair. We were watching Munnabhai part 2. We laughed so hard and were so relaxed. I doubt we’ve been that relaxed since.

I could go on and on. Thank you, for all these moments and more. I never thought I could be so lucky as to deserve them.

4 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Nick said...

Thanx Sweta!Loved your cards..It was so flattering that you jotted out so many reasons to thank me but let me tell you that you deserve more than this...i mean more love n care.But u really don't have to thank me. It was like a flashback of 4 years of us together.Thank you for remembering those times and also taking me back to those times we shared together.I'm so happy to have a partner like you.I may be digressing from commenting on your blog to thanking you overall for all the love n care you have given me...that too unconditionally!No doubt...u write amazing blogs.M ur fan:)!

Ruchika said...

*chor chor chor*
Idea churaya!

Muje to koi credit hi nahi, sab nik nik, ab jaao-no more ideas!


coffeeismypoison said...

@ Ruchi : Arrey tum toh meri incomparable sweetie pie ho. but this is not ur idea...ur idea was so amazing that its taking a LONG time to finish and will be done mid feb :D

Zeba Talkhani said...

Wow. Amazing. I read every bit of it and each one of your moments brought a smile to my face. Lucky bum.