Tuesday, January 20, 2009

W hat little I know of love is this...

It’s mutual.

If not it’s probably not meant to be.

What I mean is, I don’t think the creator of love ever intended it to go unrequited.

You can’t live without the one you love.

If you can, it’s probably not love at all.

Because you can’t really learn to love someone else. Its not programming.

All that you want, when you’re in love, is to see the one you love happy.

When your loved one cries, or is sad, or in pain you feel your heart is breaking into tiny shards.

You’ll do anything to make them happy.

You’ll love the bald patches and extra flab on the person and personality.

Time spent doing nothing with them will also count as an amazing date!

No one will understand how you always have so much to talk about over the phone and otherwise.

A hug or loving words from them make worries disappear.

When they have a cold, their sniffles break your heart.

When they take you out, or pay for you, you’re mentally calculating because you don’t want them to waste money on you.

When they’re tired, you just kiss their forehead and give them a squeeze.

When they come home from work, you run towards them with a hug, ready and waiting.

You look out for them, from the balcony or windows.

If he is among a group of guests, whom you are making tea [or anything]for, you make it just the way he likes it, other guests be damned! Even if the others don’t like it, as long as he does, your missions accomplished.

Their opinion is what matters.

You would die before you let them hurt.

You may not always agree with each other, but you’ll listen to each other.

You can take them for granted, in a way you can’t anyone else, because, they will understand. Whatever it is, they’re on your side. Simply put, they’re an extension of your own self.

You miss them as soon as they leave.

You can’t bear to see them drive or walk away.

[Even if you will see them again soon.]

When you’re at war with them, nothing, no matter how awesome, feels good. At least not until you kiss and make up.

You pray for each other, all the time. Every single time you pray.

Somehow, you always think of them as your baby.

It’s impossible to stay angry at them.

You’ll watch impossibly boring movies for each other, Just to be together.

You want them to take the yummiest bits of chicken, the cream off the coffee and etc.

They’re the only ones who can convince you to do anything.

They’re the ones your mom goes to, to complain about you![sad but true.]

Because they’re the ones you listen to unconditionally.[like your mom said to.]

You dress for them, change hairstyles for them, shave your beard in special ways for them.

You don’t require external validation, like marriage or approval or understanding...from others.

You know the deepest, darkest parts of each other.

Yet you want to be together!

3 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

lunaticg said...

For me love is a sweet thing but sometimes can be a sour thing.
Love can also a sweet and sour thing sometimes.
See you around.

coffeeismypoison said...

hey lunaticg!
i agree with u, love is sweet n sour...but without the sour parts, we cant appreciate the sweet can we?
thanks for commenting!

Ruchika said...

You totally reminded me of "you know who"
And I figured, most of the stuff you wrote is still mutual, so, there's hope for me yet.

I love this post but it sounds like one of those email fwds and ive read some stuff like this before.