Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Freebie Fiesta!!!

I share a very special relationship with the word Free. It makes my world go round and my heart do crazy flip flops. It puts a mile wide smile on my countenance and a glide in my stride...!

It doesn’t even matter What the free item in question is...its utility, requirement...all that simply ceases to matter once the F-word is attached to it.

I remember all the free movie tickets I won, simply due to my persistence in calling the radio station offering them! I won 7 pairs of free tickets...1 pair which i couldn’t pick up. [ nearly killed me that did]. 2 pairs I gave away. Only 1 of which was used. [ nearly killed me as I watched that.]

I won free meal passes to an amazing Mediterranean restaurant and took my boyfriend and ate nearly Rs.2500 worth of food.[well no, left my Rs.500 Risotto, broke my heart.]I was so full of joy that afternoon that the waiters were all smiles at my enthusiasm...this is the picture of how happy I was that everything was free! I even ordered salad!!

It amazes me that people complain about their jobs...especially jobs wherein one of the perks are freebies...even if it just a free [or unlimited free] cups of coffee.

There are people who get not just coffee, but also other things. Pens, for instance. Or stationery. Or notepads...

It doesn’t matter that the F-stuff has sponsors names stamped all over them. The point is ... one doesn’t have to pay for them. At all!! What more can you ask for?

When I’m in the market and see the magic word, my feet automatically walk towards it and my fingers point and I yell in barely suppressed glee! I forget my age, designation, companions as I nearly race towards the sign.

And what about those who get free books or ipods or computers or laptops or USB coffee warming plates or even free blank sheets of paper or coffee mugs and thermoses or bags or handbags or even flowers or perfumes or watches or clocks or mobile phone holders or coffee coasters or pencil holders or free movie tickets or free meals or free...whew. Anything.

I remember once when I was an intern in our college hospital, the medical representative wasn’t giving away free stuff to us I yelled at the whole bunch of them. They were so scared they flooded us with notepads! And pens too.

Imagine getting all this stuff AND getting paid to do your job as well!? Whats to complain about? LG- Life is GOOOOOD!!

6 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

ruSh.Me said...

LOL, Free is a very addictive theory...Once you get hooked, its very difficult to break out..!!!

All the best and enjoy while you can!!!


Dok Saab said...

that was really very enjoyable :)
My daughter always insists on buying only that brand (horlicks/boost/bournvita) which offers the best freebie. She would buy any number of Lays if the freebie with it appeals her ( it may be cheap pencil eraser/ plastic toys which she would never play with, or just some tattoo)
The attraction of freebie is such that the article looses appeal if I buy those freebies from market.

coffeeismypoison said...


i am hooked....i'll put up the foto of me in delight n you'll see just how mad i get!
Dok saab i can totally identify with ur daughter :) at this age even!!
thanks for visiting!!!

Ruchika said...

I have bought soo many extra dabbas and kadhais only 4 days ago simply coz ek pe ek free!
Oh and abhi recently only, I didn;t need a new muffler (I have some 30-40 already) but yet, I bought one coz it had a pair of gloves free (which i again have 10 of).

Women and freebies.
I luuurve shopping!

Luuurve your take.

Nick said...

Look at happy & excited eating Mediterranean Cuisine for FREE!
You get so Excited after hearing this word 'FREE'....that's why it came to my mind that you should write about this.
Tumhe na God ne is cheez ke liye luck diya hai....jab bhi kahin participate karti ho kuch na kuch free goodies mil hi jaatein hai:-)!
Nicely written!

日月神教-任我行 said...