Thursday, February 19, 2009

BoYfRiEnD iN TrOuBLe!

I completed 100 posts!!

Recently Nikhil and I had a mini fight over the assumption that I'm tomboyish. Little does he know I've made lists of things for him to get me, all of which are feminine to the hilt! You
asked for it my list, go to the store and weep.

1.] Knee length high heeled boots.
2.] Chambor bronzer with blush.
3.] Mac Kajal pencil.
4.] Mineral based foundation. Revlon etc.
5.] Dior curling mascara.
6.] A silver locket of Ganesha.
7.] Silver Earrings.
8.] A pretty Silver heart locket WITH earrings.
9.] A haircut and styling by a professional stylist.
10.]A french manicure/ pedicure.
11.]A number of pretty nailpolish bottles as per his own taste because nothing I ever wear is nice enough!
12.]Perfume specifically Issey miyake. Amazing.

13.]Lip liners and lipstick in nude shades.
14.]A pretty dress, wrap style or whatever, with straps though because I don't believe in magic.
15.]Body shop care products.
16.]A Body scrub brush with natural Bristles.
17.]A Black, knee length skirt.
18.]A fast track watch with an unusual dial.

Oh and honey, Would you be a darling and make sure I get these things within the next 3-4months. One of the main reasons I'm not feminine in the exhibitionistic manner is my lack of any income whatsoever. But you have a good job. You can be feminine on my behalf...thanks in advance!!

P.S : I'm not kidding.

6 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Ruchika said...

I luuurve your list.
I'd make a few DRAMATIC changes to it but yeah, you seem to have got the gist going well.
As for natural bristle body scrub brush, you dont want one. Very very harsh on the skin. Use a loofah instead or better yet, O2 beads. WOW

coffeeismypoison said...

What dramatic changes? I'm totally new to this so...make them!!

Ruchika said...

Will email them to you...or post them on me own self pretty blog :D

P.s. I love you

coffeeismypoison said...

Don't bother telling me, just email nikhil :)
p.s : me too. but what brought that on??

Indian Homemaker said...

Lol :))
I love Ishimiyakee too :) Nice list, most feminine girls will also want some chocolates and a nice bag. Just trying to make it tougher for him :)

coffeeismypoison said...

@IHM : I'm not a feminine girl :'( must to the dismay of my Bf. Hm...chocolates i love...especially Godiva...
Bags I have. u shud see how i carry them, like a rifle.
As for the perfum? A GUY friend recommended it to me to bug nikhil!~!
Personally i love Anais Anais [swiss] my mom's favorite and now my Bf's favorite too :)
Where r ur comments on my story eh?