Friday, February 20, 2009

An OfFer!

The thing about people always rushing around is, they leave me, a sloth, exhausted!

Consider this, On the night of the 18th Feb, Nikhil went for work at 2030hrs, worked till 630hrs on the 19th of feb. Rushed home, packed his belongings and drove 5hrs to Agra city for his cousin's wedding. Upon arrival, he ate, had tea, closed his eyes for a few minuted and then rushed to lend a helping hand in the "work." that is ever present in a marriage household, At 1830hrs he was still supervising work and then he went to egt dressed. Thereafter, he attended the wedding, the main part of which is in the weeeeee hours of the morning. [read 3 AM ] ... God knows when he slept, but he arrived in delhi/NCR at around 1830hrs and by 1930 was ready and waiting for his cab to go to work. till the morning of the 21st, 730hrs.
I'm guessing he'll spend the entire of the 21st feb sleeping as on the 22nd Feb, he is again going to drive to chandigarh , 4-6hrs away, for the reception of the aforesaid cousin. wow.
I had planned to see him on the 23rd, but I'd feel awfully guilty doing so. Seeing as how rushed he is, so I have an offer for him. Mostly because I'm feeling terribly sorry for him. Not that hes complained. All he says is he doesn't have a moment to relax.

So Niksy, The next time we meet, we won't do anything. I'll make you some nice, hot tea/coffee, make some snacks, n we can watch a movie I've downloaded, or you can just, sleep or hear me talk, you don't have to even think or reply! Just R-E-L-A-X! I can give you a head and shoulder massage too if you' d like it. I know you would! :o) Any thing you want. Just, no movement,,,from you.