Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tomorrow really never comes!

How often have you said to yourself all or any of the following... : [By the way feel free to add to this list as you please.]

1.] I'll go to bed early tomorrow.
2.] I'll exercise tomorrow.
3.] I'll eat salad tomorrow.
4.] I'll stop drinking cola tomorrow.
5.] I'll start being happy tomorrow.
6.] I'll wake up earlier tomorrow.
7.] I'll make time for my family tomorrow.
8.] I'll be nicer tomorrow.
9.] I'll cook and not order in tomorrow.
10.] I'll dress better tomorrow.
11.] I'll dare to wear makeup tomorrow.
12.] I'll make time for myself tomorrow.
13.] I'll organize the cupboard tomorrow.
14.] I'll dust the furniture tomorrow.
15.] I'll read that book tomorrow.
16.] I'll call my friend tomorrow.
17.] I'll groom my dog tomorrow.
18.] I'll go to the beauty parlour and endure pain tomorrow.
19.] I'll install that Norton antivirus tomorrow.
20.] I'll shop for pretty shoes tomorrow.
21.] I'll study more tomorrow.
22.] I'll be more regular with my medications tomorrow.

and etc... I could go on ad infinitum... but you get the hint. It's procrastination I'm talking about here. Its one of the few things I specialize in and quite frankly after 20 odd years of doing it, I'm starting to see the pitfalls. You kind of tend to fall behind, and thats never good.

And honestly, the tomorrows never, ever come...they turn into promises of more tomorrows and more promises...which materialise into nothing solid. Nothing real.
[ Not always mind you, but more often than not.]

So what is the point, of allowing ourselves one ostentatiously last, moment of freedom, one last splurge, one last day of pure sloth...?
It's so we're fresh for tomorrow, the one know by now, never comes.
How about trying right now, for a change?
Replace the tomorrows with Right Now...and see the difference....!!
After all, why wait to do something good for yourself or someone else?

2 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Dok Saab said...

I will definitely comment tomorrow :)

Sweta said...

Waste ho gaya blog agar fir tomorrow kiya toh!!