Monday, February 16, 2009

RuDe DudE's

Yesterday a young but wise friend of mine scolded me, for being forgiving and polite to people who :
1.] Take me for granted.
2.] Are rude
3.] condescending
4.] and arrogant

...towards me.

She also yelled at me for :

1.] being apologetic towards people who don't give a tiny rat's arse that they too may have caused me pain.
2.] who've never apologized to me, ever.
3,[ to be upset at the idea of a cold war/any war that I take the first step to make things allright, even though, it may not have been my fault in the first place.
4.] Trying hard to please people/make them happy/think of their moods and problems and try to make them feel better ... when they simply don't realise I even exist.
5.] Or people who simply fail to reciprocate basic civility no matter how hard I try.

What is one to do?
I don't listen to many things my mother says, but some things she says, always stand out:

1.] If someones behaving badly, it doesn't allow you to do the same, because then theres no difference between you and that which is offending you.
2.] "Pyaar baatonge toh pyaar milega." [distribute love and you'll get love .]
3.] There are no excuses for poor manners and rudeness. For anyone.
4.] If someone's done something wrong, it's not upto you to make them realise it. You can only change yourself, realise and improve upon your mistakes. Be correct on your part. If someone's being mean to you, well, its their karma that'll c ome back and bite them in the way or another, all that goes around comes around.

So my young friend and friends older and people who think politeness is a new form of stupidity...take heed to a mother's wise words.

4 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

ruSh.Me said...

People today have forgotten "Thank You", "Sorry" and "Please"!!!

coffeeismypoison said...

I know, even educated people forget their manners.

Ruchika said...

Considering that most of your posts are inspired by the sayings of this brilliant saintly should give her 75% of your earnings from writing (as and when they start) as a gesture of goodwill!

It's only fair you know XD

coffeeismypoison said...

Ruch ur right, so here u go...75% of nothing, is well...nothing!!