Sunday, March 01, 2009


ALL this and more.

A day of peace,
a good night’s sleep,
a guiltless breath,
all this and more,
seem faraway.

A satisfying career,
a decent income,
a job well done,
all this and more,
are so faraway.

A slim figure,
well fitting clothes,
appreciative glances,
all this and more,
seem faraway.

A day of abandon,
a fun filled trip,
genuine laughter,
all this and more,
are so faraway.

A happy family,
no major worries,
parcheesi before bed,
I wish I were young,
could turn back time.

My parents proud,
my sister happy,
my love at peace
all i wish to see.
Alas I wish I could,
speed up the clock…

for now,

All this and more,
seem so faraway

3 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Nick said...

It's just not the positive perception towards life.
I have always taken life as it has come to me. Not that I never tried to find a workaround for things when they have not happened the way I wanted them to. But sometimes you have no options but to keep putting your best efforts without fail and stop being frustrated with your life.

You get everything you want but har cheez ka time hota hai...I have experienced that!So just keep doing what you are supposed to do at this point of life.
Keep smiling and Keep Writing(But some motivating Stuff too)!

Sweta said...

ok Chotu :( will do that too.

Sweta said...
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