Saturday, March 28, 2009

FaSt FoOd.

This is an old, typically maharashtian recipe used on days when one is fasting. Like for the next nine days of Navratre. Its light, salt free and can be made in a manner that is healthy. The point of a fast, is to A.] Offer yourself to God humbly, and B.] D-E-T-O-X! Unfortunately in Delhi, most people fasting in Navrathre, simply use these 9 days as an excuse to gorge on fried potatoes, puris that aren't made out of wheat [grains are forbidden], Fried paneer and in general fried anything. They end up heavier than before and they claim to have "Fasted for NINE whole DAYS!" ha!

This Year, do your body a favor, and take care of it. Since salt isn't allowed, try not to cheat by eating rock salt. Drink fluids, eat lots of fruits, have curds, salads with lemon juice dressing. This is a v.simple recipe. Let me know how it turns out.

Sabudana ki Khichdi.

Ingredients :

2 cups sago [sabudana]
100 gms peanuts.
green chillies
Cumin- zeera
1 large or 2 small potatoes, cubed.
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice.
mustard oil.

Method :

Soak Sago seeds in water till soft to pinch.
Heat oil.
Add cumin seeds...when they splutter, add cubed potatoes.
when potatoes are nearly done, Add chopped green chillies and the sago. Sautee till done. Don't be worried about the sticky secretions, that cause the sabudana to stick adds to the flavour...and kids find it a lot of fun to eat.
Add the peanuts. Cook till done.
Sprinkle lemon juice once flame is turned off.

Since I've not added any salt or masalas here, eat it with slightly sour curds.
[If you're not fasting, and just want this as a snack, Add salt and 2 pinches of turmeric powder. ]


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Nick said...

This is what I used to eat during my college days in Pune when I had to fast. It tastes more yummy with lottsa green chilly in it when taken with salted curd..!

coffeeismypoison said...

I agree...n i remember ur pune days v.v.clearly :o) mwah. thanks for the comments sweety!

ruSh.Me said...

Oh..I love Sabudaane ki Khichdi.. In fact whenever I go home.. I ought to have it every second day.. No need to fats for that.. :P

ruSh.Me said...

oh... No need to fast* for that.. :P

coffeeismypoison said... : Ur typo works well...Initially i thought it was a slur on my tiny attempts to reduce fad from the!

Crafty Shines said...

hey! arrived from ur comment at solilo's blog :)
thought i'd add to ur commenters / readers list!! :D

btw, I LOVE google, ur doggie! i'm forever jealous of ppl who own pets, so kindly excuse me as i turn green...

hope to read more of ur writings!

Sara said...

Lovely pic of sabudana khichadi..I love it too...but I add peanut powder to the sago so they aren't sticky.

coffeeismypoison said...

@Crafty shines : My dog is simply adorable~!! I hope ul read more of my writing and comment too so i can improve as a writer...will check out ur blog too and comment.

@Sara: The pic is from someone elses blog :( My bad...! Nicve tip i loooove it sticky and slightly gooey...but I'm sure others [my mom included] will appreciate it a lot.

Solilo said...

Hi, I am yet to read your latest post. I will be your regular reader.

I love this kichdi and as you say it is very healthy too. There is a blogger challenge going on it is called 7 days challenge to stick to a particular form of diet. Let me know if you are interested in taking up the challenge. There is also a google group formed. So if you want you can join too.

Just an effort to stay healthy :)

coffeeismypoison said...

@solilo : please do tell me more abt this challenge. I'm up for anything after saturday/sunday [fast is till then]...let me know more abt it asap...
Thanks for saying ul b a regular reader~!

Solilo said...

This was the thing I was talking about.

For now I am not joining ;) Too lazy to take up the challenge.

coffeeismypoison said...

@solilo : Hmm...checked it know whats better? The GM [general motors[ diet. Its for 7days and ul lose weight, ur skin will glow and ul feel better. Just google it. I wouldn't advise this regime to lose weight bcos it forbids whole grains and roti/rice which indians cannot give up forever and once they do start eating them, Bam, on comes the weight again. Try GM. If u want we can do it together starting monday, blog about it. should b fun!