Saturday, March 28, 2009


I Have an odd mood pattern. Well not odd to anyone who is an Aquarian...but it definitely feels normal people.

There are times I don't feel like communicating with anyone...and I mean anyone. Call it communing with thy spirit in silence or what seems pleasant to you. But I appear cold, and distant. I don't feel like and often don't answer phone calls. Sometimes I don't answer the door. Or answer people when they talk to me, not in depth anyway. I write, lots...I read and I think. But I don't talk.

I cannot explain but I just don't feel like it. And I know of two other aquarians who do the same or similar things. And I don't find it unusual like other people do. I find occasional low moods very understandable. Chocolate helps...but I'm fasting for 9 days! No chocolate. The mood swings have decreased greatly in frequency. Earlier, in school, I'd have these patterns at least 7 times a its more like once a month. No one seems to get it. They complain that I don't answer the phone and no amount of telling them I was asleep or busy will placate them. Why must I explain? I don't always enjoy idle chit chat.

I wonder how long this is going to last.

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