Monday, March 16, 2009


Sumidha watched as the finely diced onions turned golden and transluscent, then she added chopped green garlic and turned them over. Covering the partly cooked meal, she took a sip of her goblet of red wine. She remembered old times, years before she had married Nimish.

"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Your features are perfect.", he murmured one night after making love.
"Maybe you think they're perfect because you love me. Love makes you biased you know?"., said Sumidha, snuggling closer.
"No, I'm serious. Look at your huge dark, cinnamon eyes, your straight nose, your pink rose like lips. When we make love, it takes a huge effort to tear myself away from your mouth!! You're so can you not believe me! There are women out there who look like puke, and they think they're supermodels. Sumi!", he said, holding her closer.

As she sliced the mushrooms, [according to her desired thickness], she wondered where she had gone wrong. Or they had gone wrong. People said this always happened after marriage, to the best of couples. Sumidha had sworn it wouldn't happen to them. But after awhile she was tired too.

"You haven't made dinner? We can't eat out everyday!"., Nimish grumbled.
"Well work was really busy today too. I'm sorry, Maggi?", apologized Sumidha.
"I miss your cooking."

A hectic job, In laws who grumbled, a husband who wasn't always around to support her, housework that always seemed incomplete...left her exhausted and resentful at the end of the day. More often than not, she took it out on her unsuspecting husband. Sumidha added the julienned mushrooms to the sauteeing mixture in the pan.

"Not tonight Nim, my back hurts."
"Well your mothers comments have screwed up my mood. So you can directly blame her for ruining our sex life single handedly."
"Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, when our baby cries??"
"You try fighting with that bitch of a kaamwali over her erratic timings!"

Excuses excuses...She never realised when she had become so harsh.
Adding the white wine to the now nearly cooked mushrooms, she realised that when Nimish started drifting apart from her, she never asked him why. She missed him, of course, but only ever felt more angry and resentful towards him. It had been over a year since they had talked, really talked, like the old pals they used to be. They slept under different sheets now and never cuddled. They used to be "cuddly sleepers", but now it seemed like he couldn't stand her touch.

Bringing the mixture to a boil, Sumidha tried to recall the "old her". The fun one, the one Nimish always made excuses to meet, to take out on dates, to make love to, to hold hands with, to laugh talk about life with.
They told each other to take each other for granted. "Don't worry about me. Rather, don't worry about my reactions or anything, keep your mind at rest from my side.", he had said once. Translated that meant - I'm just an extension of you, I'll always understand you and please feel free to take me for granted. Which is what she had said too.

When the sauce reduced to about half if original quantity, Sumidha added the reduced fat Cream. It looked delicious as she stirred it... Nimish loved Pasta in creamy mushroom sauce. Of course now she used a non stick pan and olive oil, instead of loads of butter. But she had to watch her weight and Nim's heart too. They were nearing that age. She had always tried her best to take care of his health. His mother resented it when she decided to cook separately for herself and Nimish using her techniques of olive oil, low fat, NO ghee, non stick frying pans, microwaved pop corn etc... his mom made delicious food, rich and tasty. She was determined not to let her husband eat that anymore that he had to. Sumidha could make tasty food, without the calories. Nimish used to love her determination and self control. He loved how concerned she was about his health. He listened to her blindly. Because she balance it with indulgence, and lots of love. She was the one who spoiled him too.

She would find their lost [misplaced?] love and friendship back. A lovely home cooked meal, some wine, a long bubble bath...bed...cuddling...things would be fine. Mushrooms were an aphrodisiac weren't they? For vegetarians anyway.

She added the lemon basil, thyme and oregance, stirred for five minutes. She put the sauce in the microwave, the wine in the cooler, set the table for two with their best china and candles and silverware. She had screwed things up and she was determined to fix them as best as she could!
She filled the tub with hot water and poured the bubble bath solution. She check the bed linen and turned on the Air conditioning. Nim would be here soon. Sumidha changed into his favorite sari, Put on some makeup and perfume. High heels.

"You look beautiful.", Nimish murmured into her hair as he came from behind and put his arms around her waist...he squeezed her gently. He'd used his key to enter.

Things would be fine, they just needed to take it slow.

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ruSh.Me said...

LOL... Never thought Pasta in Creamy Mushroom Sauce could mend broken relationships...!!!

Waise.. any thing with love, patience and attention could bring that change!!

coffeeismypoison said...

yup thats the point...shes putting in a lot of love...while making it...I guess realisation and a desire to change things is what matters most.
Nice pic!

Dok Saab said...

beautiful !!
need I say more, Dok :)

coffeeismypoison said...

Thank u Sir!! After a long time something made u comment!!!

Nick said...'s a mouthwatering blog :)!

Very well written...keep up the good work!

coffeeismypoison said...

Thank u for the compliment Kind sir!