Monday, October 16, 2006

my last day...

farewell friend,yet not farewell
where i go,ye too shall dwell
i am gone before ur face

a moment's time,a little space
when ye have gone where i have stepped
ye will wonder why ye wept.

i saw the movie IF ONLY.i think every1 shud c it,at least once,in order to understand the value of time.n not the fact that our time on earth is too short or too long.b
ut the fact that v in fact do not know its length.n that is y v shud make those who v love feel special everyday.listen to them,do wat they want.u never know wen u may have to regret ur actions/words.

u may not return a fone call out of anger or pride or ego.but wat if slamming down or turning off the fone is the last bit of communication ul ev
er have from a loved one?wat if they went,never to come back?

i wondered wat id like my last day on earth to b like.i think,b4 passing away id like to do the following,on the day im off.

1.)get a hug from a baby,a cute chubby baby.nothing is more honest n enthusiastic than a babys hug.

2.)smell a pink rose,a real one,feel it against my face3.)watch a sunrise and a sunset,perhaps with a loved one.

4.)get kissed,softly,sweetly.5.)dance in the rain

6.)play on the swings like i used to.

7.)make someone feel good,help someone
8.)play with a dog
9.)take an afternoon nap.
10.)pretend im beautiful.

if u know ur loved one is low,lonely or maybe even sick,do made them feel'l work wonders for ur relationship,for him/her,but watever u do,remember,material things r always nice,but then again,not wat them,respect them,always always no matter how bad ur feeling,dont b rude or take them for granted cos it really hurts,n they may not always say so.but the feeling stays on inside.
think abt it:u chose them to b ur better half.theyre the ones,maybe the only ones,u shud never yell at or fight wid,no matter how rotten a mood ur in,look to them to make u feel better,dont go around making them feel bad too.
understand them,love them for their gud and love them for their idiosyncracies as well.forgive them their mistakes.dont yell at them ever,tel them u love them how much they mean to u,tel them without them having to ask u.
make them feel special,even if its not their b'day,celebrate them for being part of ur life.

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