Tuesday, November 07, 2006

so,how different r they exactly?

i read an article,which seemed to me out of place in the the midst the amt of births,deaths,rapes,tortures,arsons,murders a picture of a beaming ms.universe showing her grand self in a "red light area" seemed more than out of place.n believe it or not,she was "waving".
which made me wonder,everyone knows that models,actressess,beauty contestants and even other seemingly ugly,unworthy,unpolished,non-world-peace crusaders sleep around.n that too for fun,favors or
mmercial sex workers do it to earn their daily why is it a big deal if someone overpriviledged lady steps waaay down her pedestal n decides to look humanitarian n "pay CSWs a visit"?
im not saying she sleeps around,but hell,who knows?other than the monetary factor,how different could she possibly b?or anyone else for that matter?so y do ppl think CSWs deserve their a.)scorn or worse b.)pity?

they dont.if u can offer them a better career than the one they're currently pursuing fine,it'll make em wud make anyone whos unhappy wid his/her job happy.[n most of us r so].dont patronize them.dont try to pretend like u know more abt AIDS than they do.geez,they've to battle it daily anyway n they do know how to tc of their bodies better than u do.
QUOTE:while ïm not saying that ppl shud not have sex at all [yea as if if u DID say it ppl wud listen 2u n becum celibate],they shud b extremely careful[in the heat of the moment?r u a virgin lady?]use a condom [they do,theyre free of cost],b safe [condoms do tear u know.3% of the time they FAIL to serve their purpose] ur life is worth so much[yes well thats exactly we're all terified of death].n even if u do have HIV its not the end of the world[yes,not the end of urs anyway,wait'll u get it.],u can still live a normal life[r u kiddin?have u ever taken lamivudine?oh its an NRTI[anti aids drug BTW],just b careful that u dont expect other ppl[oh i think the mood for sex etc will kinda b dimmmed after u learn ur diagnosis]n blah blah b4 scrambling bak into the car."

but smilin n wavin?gimme a fuckin break.n i intended the pun,lousy as it maybe.namaste.
aboves the link for the pls read it n gimme ur comments:o)

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