Wednesday, October 04, 2006

bitchy bossess

welcome all those who maynot b as offbeat as i am n still desired to read wat ive put down in my first officiall gonna b dere as long as possible blog!thank u for coming.

i never understood wat the boss was wen i was a kid,the words"the man ur daddy works under"never really made sense.
now that im an intern,i understand only too well.i,like most ppl in the world,hate my boss.n only one of them cos u c, im blessed wid a whole PANEL of them!!

wen i was busy requesting the secretary of OB&G to allow me to b posted in the government hospital so that i may not waste time doin nothin in a tertiary care cenetre but would indeed b allowed to "touch"the patients,a privilege granted to the rare n then to b future boss was hanging around eavesdropping and wen i met her at the govt. hospital she took an instant disliking to me cos she chose to believe that i had no desire wat so ever to learn obg and wished to goof off.

now i know thats not true.

she probably does too only she wishes to gimme a hard time n make life miserable for me by taunting me,abt the fast that i desire to do nothing n that shes gonna make m slog [which is not a problem cos shes doesnt stick around for more than 2hrs45mins on any given day including her own duty days!]...on my first day she was so harsh that being the softie i am i cried [no!not in front of her]...n was v.upset until a nice n senior most lady came n told me not to take to heart anything she said n she actually asked me wat happened.she understood my oredicament and was v.nice to me thus ending my first day on a better note than wat it started out to b.she even taught me abt ultrasounds!
i guess there r bossess and there r bossses.n ive got both kinds.
thing is i had to take 2 days break cos ive sprained my ankle for the 4th time in my life,n the same old ankle at that n have to b really careful n take bedrest for 2 days.ove done so for one day n dare not take another day off.
in fact most if my time there i plot ways n means of staying out of the bitchy boss's way,thus impairing my work.i wonder if ths happens elsewhere as well,i mean,do ur bosses have the capabilty to demoralize u to such an extent that theri terrible words constantly ring in ur ear?n cloud ur mind,give u murderous tendencies?i know mine do.n its not a gud thing cos apart from demoralizing u n shattering ur self esteem,they impair ur work efficiency.n theyll have to take the blame one day being responsible for u...i wonder if the realize that!

wat would b the solutions for bitchy bosses?put em in our placea?nah,theyve already been there n done that which is probably y theyve turned out to b the way they r in the first place.
boil em in oil?
i dunno.
evanesco i the face of the earth they ought to b vanished.
maybe im being too i?lol...

5 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

rohan said...

well a nice blog for a first timer...reallly pured out ur feeling for da bosses...

Manoj said...

Hi Sweta
Nice effort.
this is ur first encounter with a boss, that too abitchy boss, a deadly combination.
I have experianced what bosses are and thats the reason i resigned from the provicial services and opened my own clinic, where I'm the boss ;)

Tarun said...

hi shweta,

i agree with ur blog...but by god's grace i have got the best boss in this world...ny ways a very gud effort

nikhil said...

wel u knw wat...dis word 'BOSS' has kinda arrved in my life...nt actually but den i have sme1 abve me...who'll b gvn me instructions den n nw.
he is my SM...i guess u remember wat SM stands for?
i just can't tolerate unnecessary instructions gven to me....
2 end wid.....
Not every BOSS is like a BOSS!

onkar said...

Nice patiently made blog....keep the good work goin'...