Friday, October 06, 2006

the MALE mania...

hmm...hello again...and can someone explain to me why ur not allowed to announce the sex of the baby asap,or at least befor expulsion of the placenta?no?I'll tell u why[the reason deifies logic]: the mother may have herself a haemorrhage if she gets to know its a girl baby!
ok i'm no feminist but some parents really get on my nerves.

this just goes to show how naive i still am,u c i was stunned into silence wen the nurse explained it to me.maybe cos my parents had loved me a helluva lot though i was JUSt a girl,i expected all moms n dads to love their babies no matter wat the nature of their genitals.wat exactly is it that they expect a baby boy to do for them?or ever a grown up for that matter?bring a bit of dowry which they'll b too old to enjoy and which the son n his wife'll not allow them [not really anyway] to feast on?maybe get tired of taking care of them after a while and this is indeed the trend as of late,in the cities.

heck v all know males have the greater tendency to fag,booze,dope,procrastinate and ahem...sleep around[owing to the fact that they r unable to get pregnant,their body not being adapted to do so].girls have that little thing called the uterus which keeps her parents awake n terrified n its also a mitigating factor in early marriages to ladies.girls r softer hearted,more caring,more obedient,more gentle n etc.all in all less likely to abandon their parents in favor of the husband.

there r of course exceptions to all rules,in both sexes,however theres no way of knowing THAT at birth!
don't these parents feel guilty for wanting their girl to be a guy?y dont they sing,dance and celebrate for 'n' number of days when a girl s born as they do for wen a boy is?dont they read the papers?dont they know abt the womens lib?abt the gr8 female acheivers of all time?of just abt our everyday heroines?the ones who work,support a family,take care of in laws,her own folks,n husband too?
wat generation r these ppl living in?
babies r supposed to b 1.)Gods form on earth[being so untainted] 2.)a gift from the same God. 3.)a joy...
so how come its become so natural for some ppl to feel bad/mourn the birth of a girl child?never mind mourn.some ppl abort their kids once they know its a girl...perhaps these r they parents whose "sons" will grow up to abandon them,maybe then they'll realise that a baby is a baby n if ur having one just so that they'll provide for u wen ur old n rickety,then they've got a lot of growing up to do and perhaps a provident fund to establish.
ive read,in many places that children r given to us on loan,to love and care for till they learn to do the same for themselves.n then its time to say bye bye.
sigh....not wat im seing here though.n it really makes me sad.wat if this baby comes to know,by mistake,that she wasnt wat her parents wanted but they just resigned themselves to her presence.all the time cussing her for having to cost em a dowry/their reputation n wat not.
in my moms village,wen i was a lil gal,all,n i do mean ALL the ladies in the house used to keep nagging my mom abt having just 2 girls n NO[!] boy!!wasn't she trying?wat was the problem?how would she manage?every vacation this used to b the tone of the conversation...until one fine,or rather not so fine day,an old biddy started singing the same song abt the lack of males in our family.thats wen i took one look at my moms face n felt oh so mom is v...motherly.thats the first thigs abt her that'll strike u.she never used to reply to these inane stupid nonsensical opinions abt how she shud give it another go n blah[partly out of respect towardsthese elder i guess but i dont really have that problem],but something in me snapped that afternoon n i stood up n started yelling at that old lady saying "dont u dare ever again taunt my mom for anything.whether or not she has another baby is NOYB and look at u with all ur 3 sons at home u still have to sweep other peoples floorrs to get a bit of food in ur mouth n wat do ur sons do for u?nothing!n ur adivsing my mom to suffer the same pathetic fate as urself?im son enough for my mom and u just wait'll i grow up,then u'll c exactly how well i'll take care of my mom n then i'll come c u.heck ill even take U in,if ur still around.but dont u EVER,any of u,talk to my mom abt this again" of course my mom did try to make me keep my trap shut but i cudnt n then i stormed away after my mom yelled at me to respect the elders n i told these r not the type id like to respect.

thats it.i shall not bore u anymore.but think abt it.n try telling ppl that girls r every bit as good as and in fact even better than boys.please do that.i mean,none of us would b around were it not for our mothers.

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nikhil said...

Hi Cuto....mwah!
I agree wid u on every word u have written...its a fact(atleast in India).i dont knw y sme ppl can't stop thinking such crap thngs...
N shweta u have put dis whole thng in such a whacky manner..gr8 work.
kp it up.

anand said...

i was reading your blog...u write really well...really thought provoking...keep it up!

Natasha said...

hey gf
thats one of d major issues..u've raised there.since my own parents r so broadminded n all..n have raised me n my sis like any boy..i was beginnin to believe that this menace of a prob had ceased to exist now.but recently..had one such experience..which brought me back to reality.while i was in agra..waitin in a queue outside taj(a large queue to check ppl's bags n all for any unwanted items)..this family came along..consistin of ma,pa..n god knows how many kids!one of d boy pushed his li's sis really hard n she fell down n started to cry.i immediately wanted to go n hug that lil girl..but checked myself.and ,to my amazement..this lady(her mother supposedly) came rushin to her..n pulled her up roughly..n instead of showerin kisses on her--started beatin her really bad(slaps n kicks).i was so shocked--wanted to kick that bitch in her ass.n i looked at my dad for some explanation of this insane bahaviour..then,he pointed out to me..wut i had failed to notice.d lady did she won have to beat d boy..n instead she chose to beat d lil girl..Can u believe this. for--not tellin d sex of baby to mom(before expulsion of placenta) somethin..thats practised all over india.
anyways..lets just hope..ppl'll change this attitude yaar..
n hey girl..u have done a gr8 job here..keep writin more stuff.