Sunday, November 30, 2008

ChEWinG CiNnAmOn...

The temperature yesterday fluctuated between 25 degrees Celsius and 15 of the same. Something i realised today morning.

Its chilly now...and I've a lot of thoughts...bubbling within.

I AM chewing on cinnamon... plucked it out of the bottom of honey, lemon n cinna tea [for health and relaxation purposes].

Mom's Wonder Tea :
good for digestion, clears complexion-including pregnancy and hormone related chloasma and melasma- acne, gives you a glow and etc. To experience the benefits of this 1-2 cups must be had on an empty stomach every morning...
Ingredients : [serves 2]

Honey-2 tsp
Ajwain-1 tsp
Tulsi leaves-1 to 2
Fragment of a cinnamon stick
Tea leaves. Preferably green tea or even tea bags.
hot water.

Method :
Put water to boil. Add the ajwain seeds, tulsi leaves,cinnamon. let boil. turn off after a minute of boiling. once turned off. add the tea leaves -tea must never be boiled because the benefits get boiled away so to speak. allow tea to diffuse. strain the tea, add honey and lemon and watch it lighten in color.

Enjoy. the benefits will show in about a week or so. This is even good for colds, coughs and congestion.

back to my other thoughts.

I wonder why people who are already thin want to be more thin. And how dare they repeatedly say so in front of genuinely fat even obese people. It makes me sick. Please don't feel complimented in being called "rexy"- anorexic.

I hate the days because mom isn't here.

I hate the evenings because I can't gym because I've sprained my ankle. Its not the thrice affected left ankle and its not a bad sprain [requiring a cast!] but needs to be rested nonetheless. And I'm tired of resting. thats irony for you.

I wonder why families get into fights and break apart.

I find it amazing that siblings can be so cruel to each other and yet love each other so much so that even an apology isn't required.

I think the cruel side we see in little children, the bullying. the hitting is a direct result of home and society influences.

I wonder if I'll ever write a novel. And will it ever get published. And will anyone buy it? Will I be true to the dreams of my youth?

I wonder if I made a mistake rejecting those MD/MS seats in march?

I wonder if I will get admission next year? In something I want.

I wonder if I'll ever breathe easy again. Not have to worry about admission, the future etc.

I wonder why no one admits that terrorists are made, not born...well they're born of hatred and dissatisfaction and that there is fault on both sides and that no one, no side, is without fault, without blame.

I wonder if doomsday is really a myth or is the anti-christ is moving and shaking already.

I wonder if marriages are made in heaven...if so, why do we bother with matching kundalis? matrimonial advertisements? "gifts"?

I wonder if its love if one side has to think about it?

Do the drinks taste better when they're free?

I wonder if I'll be regular posting?

I wonder how long I can make this stick of cinnamon last?

I wonder if I'll see my beloved today? Maybe if I prayed harder?

I wonder whats bothering him.

I hope he knows I love him.
And I'll always be around.

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