Saturday, November 22, 2008

DoN't TeLl Me

...what to do!
I read somewhere, yesterday, that we end up becoming that which, the most important person in our lives despises...what annoys him/her most. Without us even realizing it, we become something just to badger them. Things we would ordinarily do ourselves, say eat healthy, gym well, study hard...these things become burdens once we get nagged to do them. We oversleep, overeat, procrastinate...d-e-l-i-b-e-r-a-t-e-l-y.

I never tell anyone, what to do and what not to do until and unless they ask me for advice or whatever. Medically related...for instance. Even then i never NAG. I simply tell them what the outcomes will be for the 2 or more options they choose to follow and then its up to them. After all, its their life, they will have to suffer the consequences or bring out the champagne. That even goes for my family and friends.
That, in no way means I'm uncaring or unconcerned about them. No. But if anyone has read "the carpetbaggers", they would know precisely what I was talking about. My job, my duty as a friend or a loved one, is to be there when they need me. Whenever they need me, be it day or nights or after not following my advice or whenever. I would go out of my way to help someone out. Not just those I love but often even those who call me or get in touch only when they require help. I don't mind, not really anyway.

And this non interfering attitude, I thought, rather I assumed, absolved me from over concern, from nagging, from people I love telling me constantly what I should do or not do. Lets face it, I'll do things better [at least I'll DO them at all] if left to my own devices.

For eg: I'd started waking up at 6AM to gym. With pleasure I'd savor the early morning hours of gained time. A leisurly hot cup of coffee
the tabloid or a few pages of a novel...
till my mom and bf started bugging me about going. Go GO Go dont waste time GO now. OH MY GOD I QUIT THE GYM!! The bf apologized and all but the damage was done wasn't it? Now the only reason I went to the gym early morning was so they wouldn't nag me!!!If that even qualifies as a reason. I used to study on my own but now I don't wish too. Its a burden now,not a quest for knowledge to peoples bodily illnesses.

I don't WANT to be this.
I don't want my loved ones to read this and be offended. But apparently no one here reads my blog so I'm safe.
Or not.
But we need to understand the frustrations of our loved ones. Don;t we?

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