Monday, December 01, 2008

Of spices and souls.

I am cinnamon,

He is cardamom,

And in the disparities

Of our nature’s,

We are as one.

He is a gentle

Zephyr of sweet air,

I am the truth...

Burning your tongue.

Too delicious to spit,

Just yet.

While he is calm

I rage tempestuously.

His anger is silent,

As is my support.

Where each of us

Falls short,

The other fulfills.

Our blemishes,

Remain unechoed

In our spirits.


Cardamom will calm you,

Cinnamon will rouse passion,

But in a cuppa char’

What is but one without the other?

In a most similar fashion,

What am i without him?

Or he sans me?

Tranquility without ardour

Is but placidity!

Unbridled zeal,

Is sheer fanaticism!

Action exclusive of thought

And contemplation without effect.

I could persevere,

Vis a vis

spices and souls.

Suffice to say

I am in him

With him i stand


With me he is untamed

We found our genuine essence.

Our destinies entwined,

Firmly knotted

By someone wise!

As one.

2 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Scribbler said...

A perfect balance. Spiced up expressions.
kudos to the concept.

keep it rollin;)

sweta said...

i wish i could say things were perfect.but thanks.