Saturday, March 10, 2007

sometimes words are not enough...

u cant spend ur whole day by the phone waiting for someone to call.
u cant keep waiting for someone else to make u feel special and important.
u cant make someone love u just the way u are.
u cant expect someone not to try to change u.
u cant expect them to stick by ur side even if u refuse to change.
u cant leave them.
u cant force them to think about u as much as much as u think about them.
u cant expect to be among their top priorities.
u cant expect them to b as foolish as u.
u cant expect them to notice when somethings wrong with u.
u cant expect time to be taken out from ppls busy busy schedule for u,even if it is the last time ull b speakin to them for quite awhile.
u must not expect these things.
u must not delude urself into believing u r someone special or important for other ppl.
u must not expect to b tolerated.
u cannot b urself,in front of ANY person.
ppl will leave u.
no matter what ppl say,no one likes the truth.and no one will stand the truth.
no matter what