Tuesday, March 06, 2007

sniffety sniff!

Sniff sniff,honk honk,wipe wipe...ugh dontcha just hate a common cold?it can make fatal illnesses appear funny.n theres not much relief,unless uve consumed one of those anti histaminics and are in La-La land,which is not possible during the day cos ive to work n not possible at night cos i cant afford to oversleep next morning :o( ud think ur bosses wud hear ur sore throat begging[no,rasping] for mercy without actually saying the words,theyd hear ur sniffling and see ur nose which is peeling and threatening to detach itself from ur countenance...ud think they'd notice and say "oh u poor dear,there r plenty of interns now!u can take off if u want,were wont mark u absent,we know ur leaves are over."

huh.sure,when the earth is finally proved to b flat,perhaps my fantasy will turn into reality.and every1 will say..."oh wow,gosh aren't u lucky?uve the best bosses!".
come to think of it,i've never heard anyone say that,ever.nothing more than my boss is ok.not bad.i know id feel guilty as sin if a worker of mine was workin probably send him home with lozenges or make him hot bubbling soup and tuck him into bed.maybe turn on a cartoon for him.but then id b the best boss :oD so itd not b a new thing for me...
ugh i hate rhinitis.i hate the freaking viruses which leave u in such a mess.u cant breathe thru ur nose,ur mouth always dry,ur eyes r dull,u cant work out cos you cant breathe...u cant sleep at nite cos u feel wretched and u cant hold conversations with normal ppl cos they're just dot geddin wat ur tryin to say...partly.
wen ur sick,n theres no one around to pamper u,u feel awful.

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