Wednesday, March 14, 2007

old and wise...

today i went to work in an old age home,u know,the kind wherein the inmates have rich,spoilt kids who live abroad n send their Petty change to keep their parents in old age homes,as far away as possible.

maybe their intentions aren't so bad.maybe their parents don't wish to leave their own old country,as wish to die there.but cant live alone and so their kids decide the best option is to put then in a home...with other ppl their age,so they wont b lonely and will get adequate care.

these ppl,the ones i met today,were not.they were sad their kids had "abandoned" them.most of their spouses had passed away a while ago and since in India the concept of marriages during old age is not yet accepted,most of these ppl have no one to really share the remainder of their life with and we all know how it can get so lonely sometimes.well,one lady was crying thinking of her dead husband,who had died 40yrs back.n her 2 daughters were in Bombay and didn't Care for her.

another lady,as i was examining her,kept talking about her 10 children.yep,10.she said no on had time to bother abt her cos they were all busy fighting over the 10acres of land she and her husband had bequeathed them.she said to me, " don't ever have 10 kids if u have 10acres of land.they each get only 1 acre and that's not worth splitting land over.and ud think one of them would take care of u but they wont.they'll ask u to go live somewhere else,they will push u onto their other siblings but they wont take care of u.will u talk to ur mother like that...??will u??"

no...i way.
and i wont.
parents are the worlds best ppl.they give birth to u,they take care of u,they clean ur crap and piss,hold ur puke if u do it accidentally...u get the idea.they'realways there for u in any n every way they can b,financially,emotionally...u know.

they don't understand u,they wont see eye to eye with u,they will never see the sense in ur clothes,they will always wonder where they money they give u goes,they will never approve of ur boyfriend,they will never b happy if u wanna live with them[the bf.],the will yell if u don't study...they will question ur every action.
they will eventually drive u crazy
.u will not b able to live peacefully with them once uve lived alone...
but its all cos they love u and never want anything bad to happen to matter how strong adverse circumstances may make u,they dont not want u to learn the hard way...which is y tehy try to protect u as long as they live really.
and this is how u repay them?
all they want,all anyone wants in life is to b with the people they love,especially wen u know ur lifes not gonna b for much longer.

this is how u repay them for their years of sacrifice and care?really?how can u sleep at nite?
i know i couldn't.

its different if its what they india most ppl dont.

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copper stiletto said...

Sadly, this goes on in the US too. I direct an agency that assists the mentally challenged. It happens all the time here. Seems like the staff people are all the family that some folks are left with.