Friday, February 07, 2014

Turning Thirty...

So I turned 30 years old this very moment I'm reveling in the gloriousness of just being with my husband and family (that's right, i got hitched, and to the very same very old love of my life :) ).
The clock turned 12:00AM on the 7th of a chilly February night as my parents in law and I waited at the hospital seeing to an ailing relative. Now you all know how much I love spending time in hospitals so it was oddly nice (odd for most people, nice for weirdo's like me). Little did I  know my mom n pop in law were more focused on the  clock's hands than anything else in order to be the first to wish me, which they darling mom in law sang happy birthday to me on the way back home which shes been doing since I got married and makes my day special all by itself.

Of course I miss my parents a helluva lot, but some things cant be helped like my Dad's work projects and his inability to live without my mom (cute eh? ). It has been a while since I spent my birthday with those who in fact created me which is sad but they will be coming for a visit soon which is awesome!!!

What has changed in my life since last I blogged?
Well I got my postgraduate diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2012
6 months later I wed the love of my life, Nikhil
6 months later I left Delhi to pursue a fellowship in infertility medicine in Banglore
which lasted 6 months
the exams of which I passed
and am now back home!!!

What have I learnt these past few years ?

 (in a nutshell, more to come up later in forthcoming posts, stay tuned)

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CRD said...

Hey...welcome back to blogging. You're a proud thirteenager now :P


Updated mine. Do drop by.