Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loving one's body

“look at this fat ass of mine!!”
“I don’t know how to get rid of these love handles!”
“have put on 6kgs after marriage, don’t know how to get rid of them.”
“I just look at food and bloat!!”
“I wish my breasts were bigger.”
“I just Hate my body!”
Majority women are dissatisfied with their bodies today. I say women, because it is usually women who are discontent with their physical form.
How about, for a change, we love our bodies. Respect them. Our bodies, however they maybe, are constantly at our service and they serve us to the best of their ability. How often do we stop to appreciate this? Only when ill or disabled.
From the heart to the brain to our skin to each of our senses, every hair follicle is at our beck and call, doing its best to protect us and keep us well. How to we reward our body? We curse it for not being as physically appealing as norms dictate. We feed it utter crap in the form of junk food and drink. We smoke. We do not exercise, preferring to be couch potatoes instead. We avoid nature instead of immersing ourselves in it for nourishment. Then we complain we are too fat, unfit, unhealthy, have poor color and cannot climb ten steps without sitting down altogether.
When we love someone, or something, we do our utmost to take the best possible care of it or them. Why not show the same love towards our bodies. If we did then we would give ourselves the best possible care in the simplest, but most fulfilling of ways. Then we would find little to complain about. Our bodies are our own, our homes, and they deserve thanks every time we go to bed and as soon as we open our eyes to arise. We ought to thank them in advance for the services they will provide us throughout the day and thank them at bedtime for services provided. In turn we should promise to take care of our bodies and fulfill that promise.
Think about it!! 

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