Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shaadi ka Laddoo...

So in the two odd years since I last blogged about cabbages, kings and other odd things, a lot has happened in my life. Well firstly I completed my masters in the field of  obstetrics and gynaecology, following which I got married to the love of my life and someone my regular readers maybe familiar with.Six months into wedded life and my first job stint at a corporate, where by the way I met the world's coolest boss, I realised my real passion lay in the field of assisted reproduction (IVF). So what next but to do a fellowship in the same and now that that is over, I'm back home with my beloved, job hunting...

Prior to our wedding the planning was a lot of fun, shopping was exhausting and there were negative elements beyond our control. But the part I did not appreciate was the multitude of people telling me and my betrothed, how different life is after tying the knot, and not in a positive way either. Mind you He and I never actually solicited any advice but it was more like words were thrust on us.

Had we gone by people's quotes and experiences, we may well have never made it to the altar. I didn't realise there were so many unhappily married couples out there. Why? Not to sound  sanctimonious but marriage is really not one tenth as scary as we were warned it would be...of course now people will add that...wait till you have a kid then watch how things suck in your so called happy marriage...  I suppose if there is a mutual desire to make your partner's life easier and happier than it already is, things will work out for the best.

Having being in a stable relationship for nearly 8 years before the actual wedding we had ironed out most of our differences on all possible levels be they career related, family related, financial, expectations wise...and today we each try our best to stick to our promises and keep each other comfortable. Sure sometimes we quarrel but on trivial matters. For the most part we enjoy each other's company, enjoy debating, sharing ideas, watching movies,  shows, plays, taking brief trips to see new places, trying various culinary experiments and making mistakes, first fretting then laughing over them. It helps that he completely knew all facets of my nature and I his before marriage so there were no shocks there. If anything he is at times shocked at the fact that I am more capable of adjustment that he is lol. Are you reading hon? :)

SO I'd like to share a dish I sometimes make for my better half. It is something he enjoys having with his morning tea or to take to work in his tiffin. It's called Zebra cake and is very simple to make...

the main thing is to get the pattern right and thats it.

Zebra Cake :

Take any normal cake batter, butter cake is best as it is rich and spongy. Divide the mixture into half and to one half add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a tsp of instant coffee and/or melted chocolate. stir till no lumps remain. Thereafter grease your circular baking tin or silicone cake baking thinggie and do this. Pour in the very centre of the dish, a circle of the butter cake batter, as it spreads in its centre pour a dollop of the chocolate batter and continue alternating the two till you run out of batter. Initially it looks like this and

later it should look like this

bake it in your oven or microwave (not the best idea by the way even with the cake setting) and what comes out looks like this when cut...enjoy this slice of cake with your loved ones and tea or coffee (mine) :) Look on the positive side of your life whether you are married or not, it is beautiful indeed.

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CRD said...

When you're in a state of stability, you tend to come under heavy scrutiny. People are generally intolerant towards seemingly happy folks.

Well written.

Updated mine. Do drop by.