Sunday, June 07, 2009

Time and again!

Time for granted?

I hate people who take others for granted. I really do. Let me illustrate with digusting examples.

Scene one :

A couple loves the way you cook a particular dish. They specifically requested it when they invited themselves over to your place for dinner. Seeing as how they were only in town for a few days, you relucatantly cancelled your evening plans and got to work buying ingredients and cooking.[Of course, you were flattered and wanted to be paid compliments to your face which is probably why you bother in the first place.]

So you marinaded the chicken, chopped up about 20 onions, peeled what seemed like infinite cloves of garlic, lovingly powdered various whole spices and painstakingly cook your signature dish.

They are late. About an hor after they're late, you recieve an SMS [text] on your ever hungry mobile phone saying, " Hey we wont b able2cum, something else came up.sry."

I'll leave you to fume on my behalf...

Scene two :

Any girl knows that to meet her beloved, takes a lot of muss and fuss. One cooks their favorite dish. Aside of that one also has to clean up and make their home sparkle. [sloppiness is a very personal issue, one that should be kept hidden for as long as humanly possible.] But, harder than making one's home sparkle is making oneself all clean and shiny and pretty.
Sometimes one's Better Half requests specific favorite items of clothing. Which one has to wear. If aforementioned items of clothing are abesent from one's has to go buy them at a moment's notice. Booty calls also only appear effortless.

Let me be v.clear here...GIRLS TAKE TIME TO LOOK PRETTY. Or even presentable. It's not as simple as it looks. Legs are not naturally hair free and scents are not a part of us, especially not so strategically place. Bodies need to be washed and oiled. [We're not babies anymore and so bodies are not naturally silky and smooth.]

About an hour after we are ready and waiting, we recieve an SMS saying that they're on they're way now...and to not be angry.

Are you freakin' kidding me?

Scene three :

Very old family friends, people you respect, have been invited for dinner. Unexpected guests turn up at their place even as you are zoomingly cooking a hasty but tasty meal for this impromtu supper. Drinks in the freezer to chill. Seeing as how they are too polite to tell their guests they are in a bit of a rush and their guests too bored to actually bother CALLing before just "dropping by" as they were in the neighbourhood.

So one waits for upto 4 hours. that's right...till their guests decide to leave before they can finally make it. YOu are hungry, thirsty, pissed off. At least these people make it, even though its 10:00 PM.

And a good host despite it all.

Scene four :

You informed your maid that you have to leave for work early tomorrow and she promises to come at 11 AM. You wait till 4 PM. and then finally believing that they've taken the day off, you leave.

The next day they inform you they did indeed come at 5 PM.
When you get upset and angry at their...[*unable to find the right word please help*]... they don't bother apologizing. And you can't be rude or yell at them because they're 40 years older to you!

Which is worse people? They all made me seethe equally.

31 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Baadshah said...

u write very well...
and very down to earth too...
all seems so natural in ur blog...
really good..
keep up the good work...

tke cre,
b well..

Ruchika said...

I mean, I know what all you're referring to and it just makes me squeal with laughter. WOW. Your reaction to these incidents in the text aren't one tenth as exciting and hilarious as they were in real life.

Come to think, I remember seeing a very animated viewpoint on them!

Good going!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

OMG, all these scenarios are enough to make my blood boil and my BP shoot up, esp the first sms-sorry-can't-come and the maid scenario!

Aniket said...

Well all these scenarios seem pretty bad. I'll turn off the smoke alarms around you if I could. :D

But let me ask you a question, are you a GIRL who is always ON TIME???

Honestly, Am yet to meet such a species!

Crafty Shines said...

ok finally here, i figured a way to get my voice heard before this comments page shuts down on me! type on word doc, quickly paste, submit! yayie!!! :D

if u ever considering shifting...i recommened wordpress!

aree!! these guests invite themselves n make u cook n then just sms u??!!! at least a caal, a verbal chat....sheesh :(

yes, girls take time to look pretty! what's worse, boys don't even try to look nice. :|

u waited 4 hrs for dinner....and u cook good food!! am a vegetarian, but am sure u'll have some signature dishes in that will come, and me will come over, but fear not! i will be there in time to help u cook coffee!!! :D muahs!

hmm....ur maid....the word seems to be irresponsible! :(
i agree, u cannot get urself to shout at someone the age of ur parents! but then, u can be firm...coz a job is a job...

will try n make it on other posts! have read all, just the damn comments page of blogger, facing this at all blogger site :( :(

cudn't even open LGL's comments page!!! :(

Indian Homemaker said...

Been through most of them, and each would make me fume!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would think a million times before inviting such people or accepting their self invitations either.

An maids do get away with a lot, I insist on being informed well in time before they miss a day, or else risk losing that day's pay (just a threat)... and still they do this sometimes :)

laddu said...

well all dese r pretty bad....but have experienced things worst den dis..its life dear....

Zeba Talkhani said...

@ Aniket - I am a girl who is always on time!! But i am the only one who thinks so.

Love the post. Amazing writing. Sad but very very true.

SSQuo said...

Whoa! So this couple cancelled with an SMS - thats just tacky and so not polite, its a matter of etiquette, something so many people lack. Sorry, I dont say I am the queen of it, but some things that just 'done things'.

Wait, so I am not saying that this is a trend, but perhaps you need to make a statement, take a stand for yourself. NO more cooking for people, or then invite them, tell them you wanted to cook and then just say u ordered instead! (EVil...:))

Oh and for the hot stuff, well that I dont say take revenge, coz you guys are a couple, and these things you will tide through. It's a relationship that is tres important. :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Let me put down an incident too:

You have a close friend. You have seen her fail miserably in relationships and cannot stand people walking all over her. You ask her to exercise caution. She says "Yeah okay honey, I understand what you said" and gets back to square one within a day. Eventually, you lose her. Then you lose another friend, and then another. You make up your mind to keep your guard up with friendship. When another friend comes by and manages to get close to you, and then repeats the same thing. Well, you warn her, give her examples of your ex friends, but she does exactly the same, and much more.

Enter your first close friend. She wants to say sorry to you for not listening, not paying heed to your advices, and promises to value your friendship. You reluctantly agree and get back together. The new close friend suffers from lack of attention, but still refuses to improve. I think she loves to be in a state of depression.

I am a classic example of being taken for granted! I have stopped caring now!

All the incidents above have happened with me:

I would sms the couple right back and sarcastically tell them that we will meet up next time, but please don't ask me to cook for you. Dinner at a restaurant sounds great.

When it comes to looks, I think I like to do a little pre planning so I don't have to make my partner wait. No excuse for girls taking time to get ready though!

I do not wait for such guests. I tell them I was hungry so I had a munchie and then have dinner with them too.

I have fired so many maids for this! I pay my maid a little extra so that she makes sure she is on time!

Satans Darling™ said...

@ Aniket.

I am always on time! Something I am very proud of :P

And I try to remain that way at home too, coz at work, if I am late, I am fired. So I plan things ahead of time.

Hey, guys are late latif's too! They think they get ready so quickly, that they ask us if we are ready and when we say yes, that is when they start to get dressed up and eventually turn up late every single time!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Yogesh : Thanks...! Welcome to my blog and do keep visiting :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Ruchika : Care to elaborate?

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Sucharita : I knew it! Mine did too!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Aniket : Finally i got to u. There are no smoke alarms...I just whacked my better half when he got here and that helped!
Now I'm a girl who gets places on time, always.
*If im not there on time it means i came early and LEFT! after waiting!*

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Crafty Shines : Such a lovely long comment!! Makes my day! Ok, Wordpress...i did start a blog there...but it confused the crap out of me! so i came back here :)

I make excellent Shahi Paneer ...anytime ur in delhi ur welcome to come n try it out!!!

I do try to be firm. I dont have the heart to cut their pay...they dont get paid much anyway...!

As for waiting wasnt just me. it was me and my mom!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@IHM : I know...the next time they came over, I didn't cook. really i thought it'd kill me, having to order dinner...but i did!! I didn't cook. They didn't deserve it :)

As for maids...They deserve another post altogether...!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Laddu : I'm sure u have experienced worse...such is life indeed.

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Zeba : Its beyond sad...its infuriating! :D

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@SSQuo : Tacky is right. It's quite a relief to know im not the only one who thinks this is just "not done". I must've read ur mind cos thats exactly what i did the next time they invited them over!

The hot stuff?? ;D revenge...It didn't come down to that. A hug a squeeze a few sincere sorry's and Him holding and pulling both his ears like a naughty school boy did the trick. Of course i scolded him a lot too!
[yes hes v.v.cute for a 26yr old!]

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@SAtan's Darling : I dont know...why people don't want to listen to something that will help them. I really don't get it. They are hell bent on ruining their lives and they dont realise the distress it causes the ppl who care about them.

ppl who enjoy being miserable need help of a kind u may not be able to provide. They need to get over themselves...asap...before life passes them by!

I know what u mean about keeping ur guard up in friendship. I too cannot abide obvious stupidity. But the good and bad and moronic come in one package sometimes...its a hard call to be friends or not...?

Aniket said...

@ Coffee Angel and Satans Darling:

(Gosh... I soo wish they were your real names. It would have been soo khooool. :P)

So they all say. That they are always on time. But they seldom are. And IF once in a technicolor moon they reach before us, then we are in for a huge banter and then we are required to shower treats and perks to make it upto them. While we politely say, "Its ok"... always!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Aniket : ASK nikhil...!! Are u implying we're anything other than what we say we are???
I'm not saying ur wrong. Majority of girls are often late...but i don't think the ones smart enuf to read and write blogs are ;)

sanely insane said...

Dear stranger

I'm a delhiite...and a big foodie...herein i propose a means of sweetful revenge...netime u marinate the chicken and dice twenty onions and some silly ppl cancel...jst courier it to noida...or put it in the fridge...and i shall on my way back from justice to the good with words and original with compliments...


ok jst kidding

yeah i if ure gonna change plans give decent notice...others are human too!!! :P

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Sanely insane : Will do that!!! Then again it would be better not to accept such invites again wouldn't it? :)
original with compliments? Nice...put it to use... ;P

Sara said...

I totally relate to it...I hate it when people go back on their words and promises!!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Sara : I know...its annoying isn't it? and having to be nice to them when u see them next is pure hell!

Satans Darling™ said...

@ Aniket

Coffee Angel is right! None of us are late like that :D

@ Coffee Angel

I know, well I have just had bad luck in friendship so well I just cherish who I have and say thanks but no thanks to such creatures who come across my path :P

Aw.S.M said...

my my it just the general heat of the summer or is it ur rant thats warming it up in ere :P.

PJ i knoww..i m slowly weening it outta ma system. Anyways...being a guy and an absolute foodie...scenario 3 d piss me off the most though scenario 4 is a close runner up. Wait 1 SUX too...2 is totally a girls thingie so no comments there.

So now u have my very clear and concise opinion. :)


CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Aw.S.M : Yes amith, v.clear and concise! What wud i have done without it lol...! they're all bad scenarios...but what can one do but learn from them eh?

Aw.S.M said...

glad i could help :P.

U can always choose to ignore em, not learn from em and rant about 4 totally different scenarios and wait for my expert comments again :P...