Saturday, December 15, 2007


An Ode to a Candle...

should i light,this candle tonight?
Candle light,
burning bright...
should I light,
its wick tonight...
will you come,
share with me...
some food,some wine,
some love some time?

Stick of wax,
though it maybe...
like us,its has,
a destiny...

Candle light,
shines just right.
Must i decide,
its fate tonight?
should it commence,
its long descent...?
what shall it see?
A glorious date...
or just another woman,
and her fruitless wait?

Candle light,
prays it might,
witness scenes of sweet passion...
the making of perfection...
in the space of this night.
Not words of accusation
anger so destructible...
blotting all hope
of peace and salvation!

Candle light
burning bright
cast your might,
upon us tonight.
and as you melt,
so fearlessly...
I'll tell them all,to learn from thee.
A tale of how sometimes...
one must die to see,
fulfillment of
one's destiny.

2 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Mickey said...

Hi Sweta
Thanks for visiting my blog.
They all are my takes in Klash.
You write well.
And you love animals :)
Thats great

Nikhil said...

Nice poem chubbs!keep writing such nice stuff..