Thursday, December 20, 2007

dedicated to Google,my lil u.


...for instance if I,

shut you in the balcony

[its mid winter]

as guests are home
[scary cats]
they think you'll pounce.

don't make you dinner

[i'm not hungry]
your water bowls dried out
[oops didn't notice]
I'm more important to me.

tie you on a short leash
[punishments necessary]
you pee'd in the house

[oh so i delayed taking you out]
wheres your sense?

didn't play with you
[i'm busy can't you see?]
don't rub your belly

[fur shows on black!]

wont throw you your stick.

how callous am i

how uncaring

yet why...

do you still run laughing
the instant,
im in at the door
your tail wagging nonstop,
you clamber upon...
a human who knows not,
what real loves all about.

you make me feel small,

sweet dog of mine,
we humans love those,
whos heads nod with ours.

3 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Nikhil said...

Very true nannu....!I really do not know y they love us so unconditionally and remain loyal 2 us if we forget to give them love,food or li'l bit of our time or watever you mentioned above.
You have a gr8 hand at writing..i must say!keep it up mots.

Crafty Shines said...

awwww Coffee!!! I loved this.

its so true...animals, esp doggies, are just incredible...they love the way one is really meant to...selflessly.

how can we call us humans as higher beings, when we don't know or understand the simple concept of love that evey animal understands and follows?

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Crafty shines : ahh...i forgot u loved dogs! Well this is my google...loyal and loving but v.v.naughty!!
Well haha...i never have and never will think of humans as higher beings...much to the befuddlement of my better half who thinks i shud just go live with them then :o)