Monday, September 21, 2009

Ghor or not, I like this kalyug!

The other day I walked out of a satsang meeting. Ok I wouldn't have gone there in the first place if I didn't like what the Founder said on TV. An educated lady she spoke with ease, confidence and most importantly, logic and common sense.

But she wasn't there at that meeting was she now? No...there was literally a line of old biddies sitting on chairs and lecturing.

"Is this just kalyug [new age] or ghor kalyug? [there are levels you see, and this is the worst!]"

Other old biddies around me mumbling and shaking their heads...ghor kalyug...tsk tsk.

She then went on to reteirate all the things that were wrong with todays world.

How doctors left 2 foot nails in people's legs.

How the race for money is that of rats.

How relationships mean nothing anymore.

How children didn't listen to their elders.

It was a dog eat dog world out there.

Not to mention the overpopulation issues.

Blah de blah de blah.

I walked out because ...Maybe it is ghor kalyug, but I found there were many, many things in this ugly world of ours worth liking. Frankly I would rather live in this ghorly kalyugged world of ours than anywhere else...even 50years ago!

Women are, for the most part, [legally] not slaves anymore.

We have the right to make choices.

We can choose careers.

Choose our lives first.

Choose whom and when we marry.

Choose to keep a maid and not do all the housework ourselves.

Choose day care over leaving our jobs.

We can go out for a cup of coffee at 12am if we want.

We [all] have the internet.

We are more educated than ever before.

We are becoming use that education to benefit ourselves and society.

We are teaching our children to think for themselves instead of following our lead blindly and
repeating out mistakes.

We teach them to question everything, even us.

We teach by example.

We stand up for what is right.

We prefer spirituality over religion. Or we're starting to anyhow.

We're being more health conscious, exercising, being fitter.

We're realising that coffee has benefits! [selfish i know! But i must, I must defend my coffee!]

Our husbands no longer stand by and watch their wives unfairly mistreated by their

We have google!

We also have blogger :oD !

We have STD calling at 50p/min!

We have, in other words, better communication options...we just need to be better at communing

As for the over population issues...

I think its a good, no, great thing...that we have cures for old age ailments and fewer babies die in infancy and childbirth...far lesser maternal mortality too. We no longer have to die of TB or Leprosy or cholera or pneumonia! [to name a few].

I'd rather see people live and practise contraception to control the population...than see it in check because we have no means to treat illnesses effectively.

What do you live about our ghorly kalyugged world? Do tell!!

22 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

Cosmic Joy said...

Very interesting .. for a few moments (reading your first few reasons), I thought this was going to be a feminine list :) But happily, that did not happen.

I totally agree with you about how much better our world has become through the ages .. not just in material comforts, but also in quality of life.

Dil se said...

Very true !! People often overlook the bright side of the coin.
I have been reading your blog for some time(Through Sara's blog) but commenting for the first time !!

Zeba said...

I agree, I agree..

Rishi said...

well i'd say those oldies somewhat cancelled ur beliefs...

while ur saying the goodies abt today...
they're cribling the baddies abt present.. it is but natural for them to love their eras... after all no matter what time it has been, we all love our childhood times... same about our primes... everything is just not good enuf..

besides... everything has it good and follies and this just explains it better

ruSh.Me said...

Dunno.. I think its upon the matter of time.. May be people during those years, didn't feel the need for all these inventions.. Probably they didn't need a mobile phone, coz then traveling and writing letters were a part of life... Now we love all these gadgets coz we have created a need for them..

Rest for education and freedom, I think its more about individuality.. We now think more as an individual rather than a herd-mentality, which is good.. You can make your own choices, be responsible for your own failures and get credit for your good deeds..

Aniket said...

I'm sorry I keep contradicting you over this space. :D
Its not much contradiction but more of another POV.

I agree with everything you mention and am against everything you heard. (I HATE the whole concept of satsang in the first place. I am most spiritually inclined, if I ever am that is, is when am alone in complete silence at a serene place. And not when 100 people are clapping, chanting and beating drums.)

So coming to point, there are things that we have lost while evolving. Meeting people, protecting nature, love for art, etc. Which I believe were better in past. But then nothing lasts forever does it. I can't imagine much of a life, without internet. So agree with you 200% on that.

But I still would have liked more parks, more art and to know my neighbors name.

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Cosmic joy : I am no feminist :) glad u liked it!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@dil se : Well thanks for commenting...!! do comment more often :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Zeba : long timmme!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Rishi : I dont think they have the right to crib about the present if they too are enjoying the benefits of it! I understand they miss their times but one has to move with the times or else keep complaining...they dont complain about tv/radio/fone etc...
if you cant appreciate dont condemn. thats all!!

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Rashmi : You know, i still write my bf letters...even though hes just an hour away...we talk everyday, we meet up on weekends but i love writing him letters.
but its more out of old fashioned romance than need, per se...
ppl tend to travel and think in herds...pity.

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Aniket : this is not a space, its a discussion area :) meant to be contradicted in! what ur saying is right...i dont dispute it...
i go to the park everyday
i know my neighbours
sometimes i even borrow sugar :)
i love art...i get to see paintings ive only heard of because of the internet!
its all in us...

M S Ahluwalia said...

Humans are inclined to despise change.. whatever be its scale or nature.. and they look for words and quasi-logical reasoning to hide it in.. ghor kalyug being the chosen words in this case.

BTW.. nicely customised blog.. and gr8 content too.. keep it up.. following you :-)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@MS Ahluwalia : thanks for dropping by...
see the change hasnt been too explosive...theyve been around for most of it...they were part of it...the pioneers...weren't they now??
do keep coming over n commenting...appreciate it :)

Solilo said...

I would go ditto on's comment. :)

M S Ahluwalia said...

@Sweta: not they, their generation; and that is why you wouldn't find all tetragenarians, hexagenarians or octagenarians bickering about it.. :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Atleast someone can see the glass half full

Though we have come a long way and done a lot better off late, I personally feel somewhere lives have become shallow. But to each his own opinion

Americanising Desi said...

truly evolving hasnt had all the good changes :)
we have lost some goodness too!

Ramit said...

Nice list. Thanks for sharing it. Especially like the coffee line. You are a doc? Wow!

Anonymous said...

I love today better than any other time in History - if this is ghor kalyug , then I love this kalyug :) I have blogged about this too and was happily nodding my head while reading this post :)

Anonymous said...

I love today better than any other time in History - if this is ghor kalyug , then I love this kalyug :) I have blogged about this too and was happily nodding my head while reading this post :)

Anonymous said...
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